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A challenger player explains how to counter Yasuo easily. You will learn how to beat Yasuo in lane, midgame and lategame. How to teamfight and much more, such as improving your map awareness, positioning and rotations etc. it is highly recommended, that you watch the entire video, because it will help you learn league of legends and improve fast. Elohell will be behind you soon enough!


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  • H1G8H1G8

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    How to counter yasuo

    Number 1 :


    Number 2 :

    Number 3 :

    Number 4 :

  • I'm bad but I like to play hard champ…It make it so that when I actually do good I feel the improvement

  • Where is the new content dude??

  • I destroyed a Yasuo in mid lane with Azir, him having 9 deaths, yet he still was a decent fight against even though he was disastrously behind. On Azir, you lose the game because of early game ints or even just 1 death. Yasuo!!!

  • i fucking love this playlist. This video actually explained a lot about wave management witch is something i have strugled with for a long time. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

    And i dont know if you will read this coment but i would love to see you explain how to zone objetives with azirs ult and how to chase down enemies.

    Love your chanel bro, you just got one more subscriber from Chile South america.

  • dude, you are teaching me the all the things about a good game

  • I don't want to facecheck…. You have your soldiers for that? Just like Orianna's ball? Or is the range for Q to short?

  • Hey, can you make video about best runes for azir in 10.7 patch? Or just tell me which are the best 😂

  • 26:31
    You could've gone for an ult on those 3 enemy champions because I felt like you ULTed too late. Instead, you chose to stay as far away as possible, auto attack with soldiers, let the Morgana die and ult right after the Morgana dies.
    I'd like to hear your thoughts about this! :))))

  • No matter the champion… buy bramble vest. Yasuo turns into a meme after that.

  • This yasuo is playing safe not those yasuos I encounter just diving and fighting too much selfishly.

  • Do you think actually conquer is better than hail of blades or electrocute against yasuo? Sorry if my english was bad, im brazilian

  • Which Runes u use now for S10 vs Yasuo?

  • This is where i belong….all the azir main gather together

  • I really appreciate your videos! Thank you. I instant subbed

  • Thanks. Your videos help me not only to play azir, it also helps in lane control and positioning more than you could understand xD

  • honestly this was more of an amazing game than a guide. Holly cow I was biting my nails

  • Please use to Turkish subtitles dude :)) ?

  • Are you Azir one trick?

  • I like how he spend like half of the video to talk about his plays, his mistake and just overall, useful information

  • I can't find the right words to thank you, great video, you helped me a lot, now i feel sooo much safer and confident playing Azir. You are definitely the best "lol teacher" i've ever found, you make everything so easy to comprehend and teaches so well i've just realized how bad i was playing, you've shown me a completely new perspective on this game, specially on Azir, thank you very much!

  • Yasuo is probably the easiest matchup for Azir.

  • MikeMike

    Author Reply

    this is so good… I finally start to understand what they meant by saying to play azir as if you were adc… : )

  • Thank You💖

  • can yasuo W block azir R?

  • I'm struggling soooo much with the E to soldier then Q ,he only moves like 2 steps forward

  • i cant get over how amazing your videos are dude, seriously amazing explanations. I am new to azir and am learning very quickly. cant thank you enough

  • Sooo underrated honestly

  • one question, if he contested lvl 1 what do you do? had a yasuo doing this and i coudnt push or do anything because he had the bigger wave, i tried harrassing but lvl 1 i do no dmg and the wave just pushed to me

  • Drifting into baron to dodge Jax E was impressive!! 42:17

  • so do you only go HoB vs yasuo?

  • I went 15/5 on azir first time .-. And in ranked

  • Ty for guid. i am rly love this Raptor`s imperor )))

  • Dude you're such a good Coach


  • I will download all your videos before you think in sell your tips xD

  • Has got 11 cs in 10 minutes cuz of me LOL

  • Omg 😍 what a play !!! Really good . I m a new subscriber of your channel and I really like your guidance . I want to mid main next season so right now i m select my champ pool and i really love to play azir so i want to learn how to play him And with your guidance i know i will master him thanks for uploading this type of content .

  • This is so good and helpful. Thank you brother

  • Hmm…

    You seem to miss a dozen of ten thousands of views and subs. Btw can you tell me how to play against a boosting ezreal?

  • Love you explaining everything, and your videos are super understandable and very cleverly made, great job man! Hope to have a chance to play with you some day, currently stuck in Plat 😛

  • I don’t know why I’m watching this when I don’t even play azir

  • Your explanations are so detailed and helpful and I’ve learned a lot today. You definitely deserve more viewers.
    I’m actually Ahri main but need more Champions in my championpool since she’s banned a lot.
    Do you recommend me to learn Azir? ❤️

  • soooo amazing guidance!

  • 18:35 die😂😂😂

  • HaryHary

    Author Reply

    great video

  • muy buen videoooo la puta me encanto muy bueno

  • could you make a challenger insight video azir vs veigar pls?