16 Best places to visit in Valencia in 2019

#Valencia is absolutely stunning. A gorgeous city that combines the old, the new and everything we like the most : the sun, the beach and the good food.
Looking at a map of Valencia, you realize that everything is organized and easy to plan. You have the old city area, the central part of the city, then a green line of about 9 kilometers, cutting Valencia in two – the former Turia riverbed, now transformed in a park, the new part of the city includes the city of arts and science, beach and harbor.
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  • Valencia is a great city. It's not a global city like Madrid or Barcelona but it has so much to offer. Around 2 million people live in the area of Valencia, it has good public transport, good people, good beaches and the city of paella 😃. Viva Valencia 🇪🇸.

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  • @14:53, what restaurant is that? I see a El Penon. Is that it? GORGEOUS VIDEO. Great sweeping views and nicely done. I'm thinking about visiting this summer and you sealed the deal!
    The water is stunning and the town on the hill @14:10 is breathtaking.

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    Author Reply

    Theirs a stupid advertising banner that keeps appearing in viewing area of the video making it impossible to watch!

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  • Bienvenidos a Valencia!! Ciudad histórica y centenaria. Viva España y viva la Hispanidad. Saludos desde Valencia.

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