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5 Best KDE Plasma Linux Distros of 2020 | Better than GNOME?

KDE Plasma Desktop has become stunning with looks and absolutely fast in terms of performance. In 2020, It is better than ever. So in this video, We’ll be seeing the BEST LINUX DISTRIBUTIONS featuring the KDE PLASMA Desktop.
I have some really amazing and unique ones for You today. Enjoy!

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KDE Plasma has been evolving at a great pace. It has improved significantly in terms of both looks and performance in recent years.
Today it is more refined and faster than ever.

KDE has undergone a performance overhaul and has become very efficient in terms of resource usage. The UI itself looks downright stunning. While most other desktops environments have remained pretty much the same, KDE Plasma has grown into something that You SHOULD CHECKOUT in 2020.

KDE Plasma provides a very polished user experience that is unmatched. So in this video, We’ll be seeing the top 5 best Linux distros featuring the KDE Plasma desktop environment, and we have some really unique and amazing ones here.

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  • Solus KDE

  • I was tempted to use Manjaro and i almost installed it when i was moving from Mint after they dropped their KDE version. But on reddit i found many complaints about its stability during updates and daily usage. I cant afford for that. I dont have time to fight with my system as i had in the past. My laptop Dell precision 5510 + tb16 thunderbolt dock are my working tools. So i chose Kubuntu LTS. And beside of small problems with kde Apps (screenshots and clipboard) i dont have any complaints. Im looking forward to update whole setup to 20.04 lts

  • This is completely unfair, openSUSE is about to release leap 15.2 and it is one of the greatest KDE distros, evaluating it now just left it at number 3 🙁

  • We do agree on one thing, KDE is the most advanced, customisable and beautiful DE to this day. But concerning Manjaro, for how many time did you use it on a daily basis? I use it for more than 2 years and, most of the time the summer, it broke after an update and couldn't repair it back. It's nice, Arch based but not suited for a working stable environment. If you want that with a rolling release there's only one option : OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. Period.

  • KDE is still ugly

  • can you please make a video on Deepin OS

  • I use Debian + KDE. I think Debian is a great option for KDE too

  • gorge-jus

  • I use Manjaro kde plasma in an old MacBook pro and everything goes amazing

  • Not for me. I like Gnome more.

  • Does manjaro kde support laptop with nvidia graphics

  • I've tried all, the only one which installer failed (twice) was manjaro 🙁

  • Dalapurs 🤣 Is it how developers called in India?

  • I must use Nvidia Quadro ( I DON'T game on computer. I DON'T video edit either ) or equivalent AMD graphic card for my software on my workstation desktop. Which Linux Destro is better? I prefer proprietary driver.
    I like KDE and hate Gnome.

  • G CG C

    Author Reply

    1st mistake. Kubuntu is shit. KDE neon has got all the packages you need, it is just minimal when installed and you shape it to how you want it. Used neon for over 2 years with not one day of hassles. But manjaro you do have spot on. I'm on manjaro kde now. And it is flawless.

  • Thanks a lot for the video! You are right, KDE, Cinnamon, XFCE and Windows have similar layouts for being more productive, while Gnome breaks all the patterns, which is not bad, but not for all. Gnome could have given the option to and include Dash-to-Dock AND Dash-to-Panel extensions by default.

  • I'm being happy with KDE neon for the last year and a half… all my web development is done inside it.

  • You said KUBUNTU is good for Gaming. What about Neon and Manjaro KDE?

  • Would have liked a bit more info on your comment towards the end that KDE somehow adjusts to the amount of RAM, I hadn't seen that over many years so have recommended LXQt as a DE replacement for KDE on resource challenged systems… LXQt today uses the exact same Qt framework developed and used in KDE, so many KDE apps can be installed in LXQt without a problem, the only main diff is the missing eye candy.

  • My favorite desktop environment for a reason. Combine it with Arch or Manjaro, and in my opinion, you got the perfect Linux distro.

  • gave manjaro ago wifi issues within two days

  • Kde lags a lot in my system

  • Arch with kde = ❤️

  • Manjaro used too much CPU on my Dell xps bluetooth not work.
    Kubuntu is perfect on my Dell xps low CPU usage and work out of the box

  • What is the best distro between Manjaro KDE , KDE Neon and Linux Mint Cinnamon for daily use ?! and for an amateur who wants to go deeper into the linux world ??

  • Maybe it's the file manager, but every KDE distro i have tried, never just plays my files from my Diskstation, always needs to copy it first, that's why i pass on KDE. Is it a "dolphin" issue, or something built into KDE? And no, I don't want to download a bunch of files to change file managers, it should work out of the box as they say.

  • Ahh… KDE 3.2, KDE4, all so beautiful. And the trend continues!

  • Arch + kde = 😍

  • Kuuubuntu😂

  • I tried Manjaro KDE a few months ago and it sucked; used too much CPU and was slow as hell, especially on multiple displays. I'd rather use Kubuntu or Feren OS (which is like Kubuntu, Mint, and Windows 10 combined).

  • A few years ago I would of never put Kubuntu 17.10 on any list but recently when I tried the beta of 20.04 in a VM I was pleasantly surprised with the advances made. Discover seems to actually work and I've not run into any bugs yet. This may be the same with other distros running the same version of KDE but combining an LTS version of KDE with an LTS of Ubuntu sounds like a great choice for stability.

  • Manjaro KDE is <3

  • I switched from Kubuntu to KDE Neon because Neon is like a brick and Kubuntu was crash happy. I can never figure out people swapping that fact around. I ran the same Neon for 2 years before upgrading the hard drive and going fresh install just to clean up the plethora of unnecessary programs I had installed. Also when Kubuntu crashed, the support was, well nasty, like a bunch of Tesla owners, pretending to be clever and insulting your intelligence. I can see why the other distro's are in your list, but Kubuntu, grow up.

  • Are there any big differences between KDE Neon , Kubuntu and Manjaro KDE ?!!

    Please help me choose …….

  • I tried them all but I keep going back to neon. Great job!

  • Hi Tex, great video as always I am also a Linux user. But I have a question.
    Which distro are you using as your daily os?
    Mine is now Manjaro XFCE because I am using a old laptop with decent specs for my home device.
    For my school laptop I am using a thinkpad with Manjaro KDE and Kali Linux GNOME because I am doing the study Cyber Security.

  • I like kde and gnome

  • Yes I am Surprised!!!
    When are you Guys going to understand that there is No such thing as a Best Distro!
    There are Only Popular Distro's. A Distro is User related meaning the Distro he is using is the Best!

  • after usin different distros and environments, i always return to manjaro kde. Best distro for sure.

  • My favourite and i love it is : Netrunner 🙂 . This distro give me the best KDE experience. It's only my opinion.

  • Linux generally has a lot of dull grey slabs which are unattractive so, I switched to Deepin, Zorin and Solus. Now, i installed Linux Mint Cinnamon 19 Tricia and put a Windows7 theme over it and feel at home.