Lập Trình Linux

Acer Aspire One 756 – Erste Inbetriebnahme

I added english subtitles. ‘Enjoy’ them. Have fun.
WHY’S THIS VIDEO SO FAMOUS?! What’s wrong with everyone?
Because of a lot of questions I added some english annotations in the video so that more people can understand the things i show and do. Enjoy.
Anderer Standort, anderes Vorgehen. Das dritte Video der “Isch pack mein krasse Netbook aus” Reihe. Schaue mir kurz “Linpus Linux” an und teste danach Kubuntu 12.04 im Live-Betrieb.


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  • Долбоёб!

  • this video deserves more dislikes

  • Je comprend rien 😭😭

  • how to start Acer es15

  • um dos piores sitemmas que ja vi

  • what did you do in the bios menu

  • you should be a camera man

  • why do you press ctrl alt and delete

  • by usb live you mean a bootable usb?

  • can you tell what the command for first new laptop to install linpus linux
    i already make bootabel usb but not load,,i already press f2 and save boot from usb hdd but not load

  • Acer…trolling people since linpuslinux:-P

  • really gr8 video n helped me to start my lynpus linux in newly brought aspite v5-573G..only the important point here the author missed is sometime you cant run lubuntu image boot directly from pen or flash drive..for making ur flashdrive auto bootable…the softwar is universal USB installer..

  • You are the best, thanks for this video!!!!

  • hi, ich hab mal eine frage. Ich habe mir so ein ähnliches Netbook gekauft (acer aspire E15-571G), war bei dir der USB-Stick dabei oder nicht ?
    Lg Lisa

  • where is the English version

  • I have done everything but it just go back to the 'Linpus Linux start" and I don't know what to do anymore…

  • thanks for this video !!!! thumbs up 🙂

  • I can't understand that video can you please send me a text steps wise 2days back I purchased Acer aspire e1 -471 I'm getting same problem

  • Whats happend in the minute 4:43…what do you did?

  • Whats happend in the minute 4:43…what do you did?

  • ÖmerÖmer

    Author Reply

    Danke dir habe ich den Tag gerettet 😀 YUHU…..

    Vielen Vielen Dank….

  • hi, I do not read the commands, you can write it?

  • Some annotations have been added. Hope it helps and you enjoy it.

  • Meiner isf richfig langsam geworden, gestern funkfionierte er hervorragend und heute nach einem halben video auf youfube wurde er komplett langsam.
    Jetzt dauert es lange bisg er hochgefahren wird und sehr lange bis alles auf dem screen ladet :/bitte helfen

  • how to accept license?

  • press F2 to displat the BIOS

  • Can you tell me how to enter BIOS?I want install OS from a DVD not USB so i need to configure the BOOT option.And i cannot enter in BIOS with f12 or Del.

  • what do you press on 6 : 14 im in that step and i cant get the blue screen

  • Hi!
    How did you do to stop writing the 4th turn after appearing welcome to linpus linux guy that I still go and can not write? I give ENTER but is too late and i can't write! 
    Please help me!!!!

  • did you learn in Hogwarts??? Linux –  Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! КАК ОН ЕЕ ЗАПУСТИЛ!!!!!!

  • Videos mit YouTubes Anti-Verwacklungs-Filter sehen aus wie auf LSD  =D

  • So I pressed CLTR+ALT+DEL and I get sent back to the same screen. Can u please help me? What can I do?

    What a you clicking in 5:15  ?!

  • ommek 9a7ba 

  • Hello , as far as i've understood from your video , since it was in german , u used a usb-stick. But i don't have usb stick i have a dvd with windows 7. This video is the same as i encountered from my new acer laptop … what do u suggest ? what should i change ? i tried everything but he won't read my dvd and can't see anything like "press to boot from dvd "or somehting like that , can uhelp me ? i HATE linux , no command is working

  • There's a USB-Stick with an OS plugged in which starts after i've pressed CTRL-ALT-DEL. You need one of this shiny little things to start linux for the first time. Booting from USB must be enabled via bios too.

  • It just send me back to the same spot after doing Ctrl alt del

  • What to press to start the Linux ???

  • Tut mir leid, ich kann dir leider keine Infos dazu geben wie man Win7 auf dem Gerät startet. Du wirst einen USB-Stick brauchen und ein Programm das deine Win7 CD auf eben diesen USB-Stick packt nehme ich an. Alternativ ein externes DVD-Laufwerk das du zeitweise zur Installation anschließt, sollte auch gehen. Viel Glück und Erfolg.

  • Ist dringend ware cool wenn ich schnellstmöglich eine Antwort bekomme