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Acronis True Image 2016 Review and Backup Tutorial

In this video I am combining a look at the new Acronis 2016 features with a detailed Acronis True Image 2016 backup and recovery tutorial which also includes system backup.

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The video turned out to be a bit long, but below you´ll find a chapter index to help you skip sections that you don´t need.

00:00 – Welcome
00:50 – First impression
01:20 – Toolbar
02:56 – Backup creation
03:45 – “Entire PC” – Should you use it?
04:22 – What is a disk image?
06:22 – Disk and partition image selection
07:19 – Files and folders selection
09:05 – Destination selection
10:30 – Backup options
10:48 – Schedule
11:24 – Backup schemes
12:08 – Incremental or differential backup – What is the difference?
17:22 – Advanced options
18:53 – Backup example
20:44 – Backup recovery example
22:36 – Goodbyes

The video itself also contains convenient links that you can click to jump to the next chapter.

Nguồn: https://ftlinuxcourse.com

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  • Thanks
    Michael, excellent vid, still relevant today. Appreciate the chapter index! Best regards

  • Explained very well, thanks!!

  • Thank you for taking the time to prepare this excellent tutorial and share your expertise especially in relation to incremental and differential backups. I still have the 2015 version which I intend to use with Windows 10 to backup data only. After watching this video, I feel much more confident to configure my backup strategy. Once again, many thanks and a thumb up to you 🙂

  • Very nice explanation of Incremental vs Differential, thank you.

  • It is well explained in the video. Now I know ways on how to use acronis. Thank you for sharing this to us.

  • great explanations and examples! thanks!

  • ZandAZandA

    Author Reply

    Really, really helpful; thanks a lot for this.

  • Considering English is obviously not your first language you speak it excellently! I have just installed Acronis 2017 as my life is in my Windows Live Email folders so I now have to tackle how to back them up! Daunting but your clear and precise video will help me at lot (;o) thanx

  • Thanks for the Video. Best explanation of difference between Incremental and Differential… My confusion is centered around deleting individual backup files. I understand that you should not delete these files in Windows Explorer. The process through Acronis seems cumbersome but i'm sure I am missing something.

  • Thanks. Much better explanation than is on the Acronis web site.


  • Thanks so much for sharing, great video.

  • Very, very good video and great explanation of the various backup types. One of he best explanations of the difference between Incremental and Differential backups. THANK YOU!

  • Excellent thank you

  • Thanks for a great video…Clear, concise info on the major features of this software.

  • Very well done video. My company is definitely going to have go with this software I never was a fan of Symantec Ghost (too many issues) this program is wayyyyyy more simple. Thanks!

  • I'm looking into getting the 2017 version of Acronis. Do you still use it?

  • Awesome tutorial

  • I just today discovered your amazing videos on Acronis. Do you know if ATI 2017 will read my full backup file from ATI 2012? I can't find the answer to this anywhere. Thanks for your help.

  • Thank you for your review and tutorial. It was what I needed to decide to go with Acronis for my backup needs.

  • AMAZINGLY clear and professional! Thank you sincerely.

  • Hi there, I really liked your demo – it was very well executed and you've explained what the software does without getting over-excited by one feature or another (not using words like 'awesome' and 'cool' made it much easier to watch and listen to!).

    Please keep up the good work!

  • I forgot to ask – God forbid the entire main drive died "C" in my case, and I need to replace with a new one! In the old day of Acronis you made a boot CD. Is the downloaded program the new boot CD? or am I missing something here. Thanks Nigel

  • Just purchased 2017 edition but this video was perfect to understand. Thanks for doing a great job! Very Helpful.

  • Outstanding tutorial! Thanks!!!

  • Great video. After watching this video I did purchase the new Acronis True Image 2017 software. Even though this video was covering the 2016 version of the software. I was sold after watching and I know that 2017 can only get better. However I did see that Acronis is trying to move toward a subscription based or software as a service product.

  • This was a fantastic review. I just bought the software and your video made it much easier to use the software. Cheers!

  • Great job. Just bought it to back up to my NAS. So far it's working well.

  • Excellent tutorial! Thanks for posting it. My version of TI 2016 does not have as many backup options as the ones in your tutorial. Just wondering if there are different versions of TI 2016?

  • What a truly magnificient tutorial. Very concise and low key

  • Can I do a backup of the backup with acronis? I mean: can I make a backup that includes in it more .tib backups? Thanks!

  • SujSuj

    Author Reply

    Excellent video, Acronis should pay you !

  • Tutorial answered a lot of questions – thanks!

  • Upgrading my Windows 7 system to Windows 10 forced me to jump from TI 2012 to 2016, so your review was extremely helpful. I like the explanation of incremental versus differential – despite being a long-time user of the former, I may now reconsider.

  • Ted KTed K

    Author Reply

    I enjoyed your Acronis True Image 2016 Tutorial. More importantly, I found it extremely useful. Do you by any chance have any other tutorials related to using Actonis 2016? e.g. about restoring full images or files, about the other features of the program, etc. etc. If not, I wish you would consider it.

  • This tutorial is sent from the heavens thank you !

  • superb video. I am changing from incremental to differential. excellent graphics and description of the pros and cons of both.

  • Outstanding video tutorial of ATI 2016. Definitely a time-saver from using the help menu. Love how each example of the feature is broken down to easy understandable chunks. Thanks again for  this great tutorial.

  • Good tutorial ..thank you very much

  • Thanks for this video!
    I do have a question and hopefully you can guide me.
    I need to send my laptop in for service and I don't want them to poke around my hard drive.
    If I want to back up my entire hard drive and then wipe it, which method would I use to return everything as it was before I wiped it when I receive my repaired laptop?
    Once again, thank you!

  • Thanks for creating this excellent tutorial. I have been struggling for several months trying to understand how to setup my Acronis backup for my needs. For some reason, I found it a bit confusing. With your excellent help, I now know what I need to know to set it up right for me. Clear, concise, logical presentation that has taken the mystery out of this.