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Android S12E5: Firebase Load More Pagination

When attempting to build an efficient app, data efficient data loading strategy is the key to achieving overall efficiently. It makes no sense to download hundreds of data at a go as users rarely go through all that data. Not does such an action lead to slower app but also it wastes users bandwidth thus costing users money. Thus being able to implement pagination properly is key to an efficient app. It allows you to download data in chunks as the user scrolls. Thus we download only data that is needed.


In this lesson I teach you guys how to implement pagination in android with Firebase Realtime database as our data store. We use Load More pagination technique. We listen to recyclerview scroll events thus loading data if the user reaches the bottom of the recyclerview.

A progressbar is shown as we download data. If the user clicks a single item, we open the detail page or the detail activity.

Let’s go

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  • I used gridlayout with cardview but i cant see the recycler view when i launch the app.

  • Hey I tried your code but it didn't work, I have an app that really needs pagination because the Ui is really slow. Can you please help me?

  • hello sir, can i see your firebase database example. Especially in the id and getkey. I am confused about the application of the id and getkey. thank you

  • thanks for the tutorial bro, by the way i need your help, i've sent you an email, could you please check for it. godbless you

  • second is that how to retrive data from firebase database in recylerview or list view these are the problem i will faced sir g?

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    can you make tutorial mvvm android? thx for your video dude