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Android Studio Tutorial – Nested Scroll View with Recycler Scroll View

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In this tutorial , i will show you how to make Nested Scroll View wrap RecyclerView inside

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  • use a mic

  • Good tutorial but try running the app during the work to try things out, so we can have a better understanding in how components and behaviors adds up together step by step !

  • how could we implement infinite scrolling with retrofit (nested scrollview and recyclerview) ?

  • in android x ,stil error bro

  • Brother, how can NestedScrollView collapse from an external button? Excellent. regards

  • How can I change place of text? For example big text below image?

  • The result looks awesome! Great work.
    Is this also compatible with androidx? Because I get an inflating error for CoordinatorLayout, I am using androidx.coordinatorlayout.widget.CoordinatorLayout.

  • Is there any way, perhaps through some parameter sent to the nested scroll view, that makes it unrolls and returns to the initial position using a similar animation but in reverse, for example when clicking on the fab button?

  • Excellent everything in your channel.


    DEVELOPER/CREATOR -> Alex Lockwood
    Behind the Scene -> https://www.androiddesignpatterns.com/2018/01/experimenting-with-nested-scrolling.html

    gitHub Link -> https://github.com/alexjlockwood/adp-nested-scrolling

  • 👏👏👏👏

  • Sir, Please make a another video tutorial just like drinkshop.it will helpful for us

  • can you make a photo feed that users can post too using firebase? and see other users posts? in that feed?i can't find any tutorial that does it in visual studio. or a reference to a blog that did it would be nice. its another thing ive been struggling on for a while.

  • how do you play this link in videoview without getting green screen.

    link: https://evpp.mm.uol.com.br/band/terraviva/chunklist_w1819195519.m3u8

  • great tutorial sir.,i have one barrier in this tutorial that was image links are not works to show it on nestedscrollview.,even i put the internet permission.,

  • i like your tutorial bro…
    hope you can make next video…

  • Thanks man! your tutor helped me a lot 🙂