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Ansible Tutorial Part 4 – Ansible Playbook Beginners Tutorial – Ansible Tutorials for Beginners

This video explains you on Ansible Playbook about What is Ansible Playbook and How to write Ansible Playbooks with examples – Ansible Tutorials for Beginners.

Ansible Tutorials | What is Ansible, Why do we use Ansible, Ansible Terminologies

What is Ansible, How Ansible works – Ansible Tutorials

Ansible Tutorials – Ansible Inventory Management for Beginners

Ansible Ad-Hoc Commands with Examples Explained – Ansible Tutorials for Beginners

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  • Very detailed explanation that beginners can easily understand , Thank you so much for your efforts.

  • how do i login as client server and check if particualr commands are executed or not

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  • Keep doing the wright things sir…your tutorials are really helpfull.

  • Good One … thank you

  • Thank you so much,your way of teaching is very good.You explained line by line.I appriaciate it.Could you please make video of template module.Hows it's changing dynamically.👍

  • It's very easy to understand

  • Dear All ,Please help me on following issue…as follows… ERROR! 'yum' is not a valid attribute for a play…
    Ansible version: 2.8 OS:RHEL 7.7 with latest kernel…. tried with version 2.9 too and getting the same error…am very new to ansible. Am looking for your valuable comments . ad-hoc commands are working fine. fyi.

  • could you show ansible role to installl tools like tomcat, jenkins,bitbucket ….etc

  • Wow this is so great! I love you man!

  • While this is a nice simple example of how to use ansible, it assumes you are aware of and may need to start httpd services, which I do not. I would like to see another tutorial focusing on how ansible might be applied to many common manual operational efforts that might benefit from it's use.

  • excellent brother.. nicely explained

  • Nice video. Helps to get basic understanding

  • Thank you very much for creating this. I'm preparing for an interview and this information was extremely useful!

  • Thanks for the tutorial. It's easier to understand than other videos I've seen.

  • Wow … thank you dear

  • Wow … thank you dear

  • Wow … thank you dear

  • Very clear instructions. Thanks for the tutorial.

  • which music album startiing music in this video

  • I enjoyed your video. Really helpful. Thank you.

  • good info, thanks!!

  • Mere to kuch palle hi ni padh raha hai, I don't know what is going on!!!

  • showing -> E212 : cant open file for read and write
    how can we overcome this ?

  • Many Thanks for your great video.

  • Excellent

  • Awesome sir.. thank you so much for this video…

  • Good stuff. Thanks

  • In Ex407 exam can we use ansible-doc command ?

  • It is a helpful video thanks a lot

  • Good information

  • Seems nice but adverts every 3 minutes? Seriously? For this reason it's unwatchable for me,

  • Very well explained and well detailed for beginners.

  • fantastic channel. it helps my work a lot.

  • Hey, can you please help me.. Whether its Ad-hoc or playbook. Everything is working fine only in main system not on client . Even if i create a user, user will get add in controller machine but not on client.

    ansible-playbook install.yml

    PLAY [webservers] ***************************************************************************************

    TASK [Gathering Facts] **********************************************************************************
    ok: [sohel.systemone.com]
    ok: [fazil.systemtwo.com]

    TASK [Install httpd pkg] ********************************************************************************
    ok: [fazil.systemtwo.com]
    ok: [sohel.systemone.com]

    TASK [Start a httpd service] ****************************************************************************
    changed: [sohel.systemone.com]
    changed: [fazil.systemtwo.com]

    PLAY RECAP **********************************************************************************************
    fazil.systemtwo.com : ok=3 changed=1 unreachable=0 failed=0
    sohel.systemone.com : ok=3 changed=1 unreachable=0 failed=0

  • Nice work, thanks!

  • As a beginner, I have gone through many documents and videos but this video makes me very comfortable to understand with the simple examples and tweaks the eagerness to learn more.

  • Perfect video…….Thanks

  • thanks a lot , you save my life

  • Thanks explained really well for newbies

  • Brilliant….simply superb…….I was trying to follow video….from Eudreka ….. Ansible training beginner. it went on failing with syntax error all the time…..I managed to fix it with the help of this video in 8 mins … Thank you so much 🙂

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