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Bashing the Shell: Advanced Scripting

Martin Kealey

You may know Bash as the command-line interpreter for most Linux users, but it is also the default shell script interpreter in many Linux distributions.

This tutorial would suit people who:
* have fallen into being a sysadmin and need to understand what they’ve gotten their hands on;
* have been using the command-line for a while and have started writing small scripts to automate some of your tasks, but have often encountered strange or puzzling behaviour;
* have tried looking at the scripts in /etc/init.d, and been found gibbering under the bed hours later;
* want to understand the differences between classic Bourne shell, POSIX shell, Bash, Dash and Ksh;
* have used other programming languages but have found the Shell too arcane.

To gain the most benefit from this tutorial, it would be helpful to have either some programming experience, or at least a year of reasonably extensive use of the command-line.

* a brief history of Shells
* process & environment management
* common pitfalls and techniques to avoid them
* guidance on “best practice”
* special features for interactive use
* when to give up and use something else

Bring your problems, curiosity, and curly questions, for a hands-on session with worked examples.


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  • Blimey, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If any course is required here, it's a presentation course.

  • Does anyone knows where this script is?
    Very good resource at one place how to manipulate stuff around.

  • Many technical problems, zero editing, and then icing on the cake 480p max resolution when we are expected to read small lines of code (720p minimum for this kind of video). Pure sadism

  • what you mean?What is your problem?what you mean by this video?I don't understand anything.

  • very interesting and useful, i might have seen this video 3 times already. Very good source of knowledge! (besides learning "alternative" places to hang a speakers microphone hahha..)

  • EaridEarid

    Author Reply

    Thanks for share 🙂

  • I found a presentation to be slow, but if you exercise patience the presenter is brilliant, the information is very valuable.

  • This video is really bad. If I was at this lecture. I would leave.

  • His English is awful, his diction too the quality of the screen console is unreadable… What's a pity..

  • I don't like the quality of the video.

  • Most all of you in the comments are real pieces of shit. This guy makes it known at the beginning that public speaking and seminars are not his niche. Excessive rambling? Dude is giving a nice little history lesson and all you fucks are worried about is:

    You guy~ "I want to learn your tricks and tips for bash scripting because I am so trash at it on my own"

    Give the giy the credit he is due you disrespectful asshats! This isn't a college course lecture its a god damn seminar! The guy is most likely many leagues better with bash than you will ever be. Go suck a dick fucking trolls!

  • Save yourself some money and time by never going to one of this guys talks. Excessive babbling and the most unprofessional presentation I have ever seen.

  • very boring(

  • Why does it always seem as though someone messes with someone's presentation in these coding videos?

  • I think what you all meant is…. that the video should´ve been edited, since I find the man pretty knowledgeable!!!!

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  • BloodBlood

    Author Reply

    Lol, what a creative use of a beard.

  • Dude, stop trying to look like Richard Stallman.

  • Cal PCal P

    Author Reply

    Please get to the point, I got to 14 minutes of this video and learnt nothing where as 5 min short videos taught me more.