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Best Linux Distros in 2019 for Beginners

No need to try 200 Linux distros as a beginner to find a good one. I spent the time for you in finding 5 really beginner friendly distros to ease your transition and get you going fast.

Hope you enjoyed the video!



Elementary OS (don’t forget to click custom and put $0):


Linux Mint:

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Lập Trình Linux
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  • I changed my old laptop over from W10 to Linux MInt, brilliant, almost like a new machine. OK some issues finding suitable software to do jobs I want, Wine doesn't work for everything.

  • you are the best bro. Instant like, sub and bell for sure.

  • My first distro was Arch.

  • xdmxxdmx

    Author Reply

    It might not be quite there yet, but I think Fedora Silverblue is going in a great direction for new users. Immutable image means it's difficult to break, and if it does break it's easy to boot into a working image. In some ways even though it's targeted at container-based development it's better for casual users since they won't have to worry about rough edges still being worked out with toolbox and container workflows, and almost everything can be installed with flatpak. The biggest obstacle is Fedora's policy about non-free software requiring many users to manually set up additional repos and add flathub before using flatpak.

  • Which distro are you using?

  • KDE neon here… very happy with it (it's been a year now).

  • Even Linux Mint still needs a bunch of commands and shit added to it. As much as everybody hates Ubuntu it's literally the only one that's even close to Windows for a beginner. As much as I hate Microsoft and Apple the systems are much easier to understand and use right out of the box then any Linux distro I've tried. It

  • Great video. Sir i am planning to switch to linux from windows since linux is much lighter operating system than windows(correct me if I'm wrong). Does it need an antivirus software like windows? Thanks in advance

  • Hello do you know where can I get a Windows XP or Windows 8 VM?
    I want to install kubuntu in my new laptop and they need to have the whole Microsoft Office suite for my school

  • Can you do one that rates the desktop environments?

  • Given that most rebadged releases are descendants of a handful of original distros, how about some factual info for prospective linux converts.

  • Arch Linux is THE best for beginner. It will make them cry for 2 months figuring out wtf is going on lul.

  • What is good Linux distribution for machine learning

  • Thanks for this overview, been wondering which Linux flavour to go with after Win7, gonna try Mint now

  • I've been rocking Pop!OS for a bit and its really a slick distro. Not too many ways for a new linux user to duck up their system. Highly recommend

  • Light side version of luke smith

  • I use Arch, btw…

  • Kubuntu, wouldn't recommend it for complete normies but if you have some knowledge definitely try it, its beautiful and very customizable. For beginners i would recommend Ubuntu because of how simple some stuff is.

  • i just took the red pill and went down the rabit hole, my choice fell on pop-os!
    its easy to install and i like to game as well
    had wow running with in the first hour with just a couple of command lines…
    had no problems so far did take out gnome and installed kde plasma 4 the looks

  • Well, sorry but advising Fedora, with Gnome DE for new users oops…
    I'm a software Engineer and supporting/teaching people (older people, teenagers and even kids) for using computers, as well as for windows as for other OS'es (Mac OS, Linux). I'm using linux since 1998..
    Got quiet a lot of experience and am using plain Arch Linux now. As beginners distros, should be distros close to what these people are used too, such as indeed Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Elementary … but surely not Fedora (!) and even if Manjaro is popular nowadays and looks great, not for noobs and beginners (!!!).
    Other distros that can/could be advised are Zorin, Peppermint, MX Linux !

  • Good video. 🙂

    The one thing I want to mention is that Fedora is downstream to something. Fedora is downstream to Red Hat. 🙂

  • Joke: Why people don't like Linux? -Because its gui.

  • Ubuntu MATE or Linux Mint
    I started on Kali, went to Ubuntu to learn, then went back to Kali

    I'm just use to Gnome at this point

  • What I like about your videos is that you dont show off, even tho you are experienced.
    You make LM exciting and after I watch your videos, I go and try your tips. 👍

  • Thanks 👍

  • I use arch btw

  • To Gnome or not to Gnome, that is the question.
    Speaking for myself, going from Windows to Gnome (Ubuntu) was too radical, confused the hell out of me (yep, I'm a simple guy). Tried Mint, which I really like, but had hardware issues, so then gave Ubuntu Mate a go, here I still am, I'm drawn to others, but what a hassle to change! DE is secondary to what you do with a machine.

    So many great Distros out there!

    My two cents worth; watch plenty of reviews, pick a Distro that appeals and take the plunge!

  • most love your attitude i was wanting to start agian in programming learning process windows sucks ..slow…..unreliable i needed to shift to linux ……..
    i was choosing lubuntu …..or kubuntu i will go to kubuntu …thanks again……

    but u could right the tutorial in .txt rather the yaml hmmmm

    and i was wondering if you could make a video of how to become network security expert or cyber security and programmer at the same time …….if its possible ….cause am sure u know both

  • EngineerMan – Just watched your video showing a scammer who’s boss using python… Brilliant! I’m learning lots from your videos & I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you. Oh yeah, I’ve started using Atom. Thanks!

  • Ubuntu or Mint all the way. If you have tried a few on desktop and are ready to try a server, Ubuntu is easy and similar but not as good as other options. CentOS, based on RedHat, offers an awesome distro. You will need to do a flash drive install for the Everything version though, so I don't recommend that. Start basic and install what you need.

  • Debian 10 + Cinnamon

  • So i just began installing Mint to my second computer. And i have to say the install already is leaving a very good first impression and thats after spending some time with it in a virtualbox. Pretty much everything I thought i'd have to do, is just being taken care of right off the bat. Hell my wireless card got picked up right away, and i didn't expect that since last time i tried debian the card didn't get picked up. I'm really surprised, since this just going so smoothly. Even the updates for stuff is just happening far quicker and cleaner then when i've installed windows. Now i know not everything will be this clean and set and ready, but still there is very little I've had to manage. Also the software manager I really really like, makes just using linux so much easier then times i've tried in the past. Also just in general it's a really nice feature for a operating system.

  • Don't baby the newbies. Throw them in the deep end of the pool. Gentoo, or, LInux From Scratch. Just kidding. Your list looks pretty good.

  • I guess you wanted a 10 min video so you filled it with crap until you got to Linux Mint. The ONLY distro for newbies is Linux Mint. Intuitive point and click and just like Win 7, because Win 10 is driving people to Linux! I can only thank for additional material with which razz my daughter's boyfriend; an ENGINEER! FEDORA??? REALLY?? This is why I always say, engineers always need adult supervision! In jest…., kind of!

  • Zorin, Ubuntu Mate, MX, Linux Lite and the one I've been using for more then 3 years now, Peppermint.

  • Ubuntu 16.04 was the best for me as a new user back in 2015 due to its amazing support online. Then I used Elementary and Deepin for a long while, manly because of its appearance and easy install apps. In low resources machines Lubuntu goes great, so also got to get used to that one. Finally, I wanted to go for serious distribution, so started programming on Debian, it is very stable. Now, Fedora is the one I am using, I feel it is very secure and stable.

    Thank you for your video, I am learning a lot with you.

  • Zorin os

  • Manjaro is a risky suggestion for new users. The rolling release will break eventually. It may be a small breakage but for a new user that may be all it takes.

  • Which one of the distro would be good to work on virtual box with low configuration??? Can anyone please share your view on it.

  • Use Gecko Linux, just works and runs forever without problems

  • Zorin OS 15 64bits , "paid version" Wine runs very well and allows installing of older windows software ,like photoshop 6,Zumas revenge, sound forge 5, ect. and many other small programs. and it has zorin connect to link your cel to your desktop very nice system. ive used linux mint and ubuntu for years and must say this is better for my taste. I dual boot win 7 and zorin.

  • Linux distro for beginners… how come you didn't mention Gentoo? C'mon now!

  • Linux Lite is perfect for newbies

  • These "k" softwares are developed by k ubuntu people
    KDE: am i a joke to you?

  • What about Pop!_OS

  • Engineer Man – What text editor do you use in your videos? I want to use it!! As always, terrific content well presented creating an enjoyable viewing experience 👍👍👍🇦🇺

    [EDIT] Which Linux distribution do you use & on which platform? I have a 16 thread workstation & an 8 thread laptop both running Debian 10 (Unstable) & am interested in your choice(s) & reasons.

  • What about Enso OS?

  • why does everyone leave out the No.1 distro on distrowatch———————————- MXlinux. It is superb for beginners TOTALLY reliable super fast easy to use

  • Don't recommend rolling release distros for beginners. Other than that I agree, Mint or Elementary for beginners. Both ubuntu clones and just work.

  • I was a Windows user for decades, tried Linux many times, Redhat 20 years ago, Fedora some years later, then Ubuntu, and others, I never was able to truly replace Windows, either some hardware didn't work right, or software was unstable, etc. Linux was a fun toy but not for serious work. Until I tried Mint about 18 months ago. I've since deleted Windows from all my computers, at work, home, laptop, everything. Not saying Mint is the best, I'm no expert, but it is truly a Windows replacement in every sense, including visual style, stability, not to mention apps.