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Big Cinema Sound On A Budget? ~ Xiaomi Mi Sound Bar vs. Sonos Beam

Xiaomi has a pretty nice sound bar for a very low price.
Does it compare in any way with the higher end Sonos Beam?

Xiaomi Mi Sound Bar links

Sonos Beam links

Website ~
Kit ~
Facebook ~
Instagram ~
Gear List ~

Music: Karuna – Between Worlds

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  • 4:33 Which song ??

  • Hi
    Can you tell me the name of the movie you tested?

  • Link for the xiaomi tv mount please?

  • Sonos sounds excellent, but it's also 10x more expensive than the Xiaomi (around 50 usd) in my country, definitely go for the Sonos (around 500 usd) if your budget allows it

  • Sonos not compare with mi sound bar ,mi sound bar is very cheap

  • Sonos sound is way more bassy

  • What name of soundbar hanger? Link please

  • What name of soundbar hanger? Link please

  • it is pretty good, thanks for comparison

  • How big is the room ?

  • Good video! What is the name of the movie 4:00 ??

  • I have been looking for a review regarding xiaomi soundbar. All people said the cons which is you cannot control the volume on your tv remote as it is really a con for me. Is there really no possible way for control via samsung tv remote? I really like the design of the soundbar and thinking would like pair 2 of these in one tv. do you think it's possible?

  • I’m sorry to say but there was no comparison between the two. The Sonos is a superior sound bar, giving more dimension and surround feeling in the room and clearer sound. By the way that cat is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    I was going through your videos and I saw the lifx setup and I really want to know where you got the cylinder desk beam light that was on your desk thank you and keep putting out great content

  • HDMI ARC is the future. you know my answer

  • Awesome video dude glad I subbed 🙂

  • I would get the Xiaomi if it had HDMI ARC

  • Was looking alright until you mentioned the built in mic, even worse that it has Alexa and google assistant.

  • It was a good video, Sonos as a brand is out of my budget in general, I would pick Xiaomi 🙂

  • Let's compare a Tesla Model 3 vs a Model S, I wonder which one's better? 🙂