Black Desert ► Updated PVX Class Guide for Beginners (2020)

We take a look at all the classes available to you in Black Desert.
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Warrior – 03:13
Warrior Succession – 03:13
Warrior Awakening – 03:28
Valkyrie – 04:07
Valkyrie Succession – 04:07
Valkyrie Awakening – 04:36
Berserker – 05:18
Berserker Succession – 05:18
Berserker Awakening – 05:52
Wizard – 06:30
Wizard Awakening – 06:30
Wizard Succession – 07:06
Witch – 07:24
Witch Awakening – 07:29
Witch Succession – 07:56
Dark Knight – 08:24
Dark Knight Succession – 08:24
Dark Knight Awakening – 08:55
Sorceress – 09:32
Sorceress Succession – 09:32
Sorceress Awakening – 10:00
Tamer – 10:24
Tamer Succession – 10:24
Tamer Awakening – 10:50
Striker – 11:30
Striker Succession – 11:30
Striker Awakening – 12:05
Mystic – 12:26
Mystic Succession – 12:26
Mystic Awakening – 12:47
Archer – 13:16
Ranger – 14:15
Ranger Succession – 14:15
Ranger Awakening – 14:48
Ninja – 15:29
Ninja Awakening – 15:29
Ninja Succession – 15:51
Kunoichi – 16:13
Kunoichi Succession – 16:13
Kunoichi Awakening – 16:32
Shai – 16:58
Musa – 18:25
Musa Succession – 18:25
Musa Awakening – 18:46
Maehwa – 19:11
Maehwa Succession – 19:11
Maehwa Awakening – 19:35
Lahn – 19:56
Lahn Succession – 19:56
Lahn Awakening – 20:21
Guardian – 21:03
Guardian Succession* – 21:10
Guardian Awakening – 21:28
*Guardian Succession footage is from Awakened form. They are very similar, but succession has larger AOE and purple effects. See 22:25 for a more appropriate representation.


Discord: Anders#0228


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Giải Trí
  • Im torn between Lahn and sorceress which one to pick?

  • I really like Lahn but I've tried looking up her combos and there are so many, it's kind of mind boggling. Maybe I'm too stupid to play Lahn or I'm just too used to my Shai lifeskiller/grinder main.

  • Thank you!

  • Skip to 3:12 that's when you really want here starts.

  • thanks for this vid, helped me a lot. all the stats that a new person needs to know. liked/sub'd

  • Absolute newbie here.
    Thinking about picking this game up, but I'm unsure because I heard it is pretty P2W. And I really don't want to spend 1000 of dollars (euros) for a game. And is it beginner friendly?

  • Mystic > Striker … since ? xD Atm non mystic can even make same Loot in Syc / Hystria / Stars End as a striker on succ – true Awa suxx but succ is an whole new thing 😉
    iam playing both on +281 AP and mystic is overall not that good in grind how you rate her …

  • So this may sound silly, but all this information transfers to the mobile version right?

  • Wow, thanks for the video! I will be trying out Lahn, Shai, and Sorc. Wish me luck

  • EkhoEkho

    Author Reply

    Zerk Succ > Zerk Awake

    You can transform into a giant beast that uses it's claws, it's much more fun than the awakening

  • I have yet to play the game. It's currently patching rn. This guide is really detailed with a lot of good information. It really help me decide which ones to try first. Thanks Anders! Much appreciated. Keep up the good work.


    Author Reply

    The thing with meta is , most players do not want to play a nerf character to begin with. Since this game is competitive end game MMO, it is prudent to choose around a list of potential meta or near meta characters. Having said that, if a new player is not trying to looking into competitive play then playing anything would the answer.

    Keep in mind once a character is nerf, you dont want to play that nerf character hoping the game designers will un-nerf the character.

  • 1:00
    Laughs in sorc

  • Now, after trying the game for a few minutes, I'm undecided whether I prefer the wooden postures of FFXIV npcs or the mad, seizure-driven motions of BDO npcs… XD

  • Mystic musa guardian

  • Me: bought the game, picked Kunoichi.
    watched this vid.
    Also me: ok no regret.

  • They removed the passive magic defenses of mystic and striker…

  • what about the rating of the base class before awakening and succession, would that just be the succession rank since its the same weapon?

  • I just start the game and pick the striker, I tho I was getting a good pvp class, this video just make me feel bad :(.

  • so many female clases… no 50%?

  • Lahn op and sorce if high eva 700pluss

  • thinking of starting this game, but every class i was interested in , he was like beginners don't start with these xD

  • Here to see the new things in the game since playing last june. Interesting. Might be worth to re-download again…maybe.

  • This is such an odd game. I played it for a bit but stopped cuz my PC didnt run it very well. That has changed so ill likely retry it before too long but it feels very unlike any other MMO. I guess it doesn't feel "online" to me. Maybe thats cuz I am an introvert only in online games, but not IRL.

    I feel like I usually stumble into social interactions with an MMO but didn't with BDO. I may have been overwhelmed by the numerous menus and mechanics that aren't present in western MMOs.

    Im psyched to see it with the graphics cranked though. I hope the Ninja is still good. Im not that far in the vid yet.

  • it's so hard for me to pick between awakening and succession for valkyrie. honestly i think lancia looks cooler but sword and shield is so much more straightforward and some succession skills really do incredible damage.

  • SalemSalem

    Author Reply

    is there a new class coming in like 3 weeks tho?

  • i have a hard time choosing a class so far i tried ninja (he's ait) but then i tried archer and i liked him more any other classes that are simular

    (if it helps ive played: elsword (in the game elsword), rogue (in wow) and wildhunter pathfinder and dual blade (in maplestory) )

  • watching this vid even though I don't play the game XD

  • 12:19 dio laugh intensifys

  • Ironically my three favorite classes so far appear on all 3 ends of your spectrum:
    Meahwa, Kunoichi, Guardian.
    I've tried about half of the classes. But those three feel most enjoyable to me so far. And yeah, kicking people in the face is hard to resist. Even if Guardian got nerfed, her animation set just feels too impactful to not enjoy it.

  • One thing I have to disagree with is striker, This video was made a while ago but they have made substantial buffs to succ kit. His golemns kept him from grinding effectively at higher end spots like sycria or stars end which succesion makes really viable now. Id also argue since you dont rely on golemns I would add one star of damage to everything aside from pvx which it would lose a star since his aoe is a skinner but longer cone.

  • Just logged back in after setting this down for years and that afk money has me feeling rich till I hit the market 🤣 Still not sure which character I want to play. Sorc was my 1st pick with my founders pack and scythe + sass is still top tier, my BK still looks bomb af after spending too many hours in player creation, Mystic bae is still a bamf, Lahn is graceful death and I'm loving them all. Why is this so hard to choose 😓😭

  • Love this guide. I used to play since launch and planning to come back. I quit after getting TET Dande. Nice to know the meta. THanks!

  • So I jumped in to this game recently because I liked the Celtic theme of the guardian. I'm about 2 weeks in now and I just hit level 50 but the game and combat has been so astonishingly easy it's silly. Is that just because of the Guardian, or is the early game always super simple?

  • Currently maining ninja but the pve grind is abysmal, should I sell the weapons, level a lahn and use her to grind money for better gear for him first do you think? I need like 400 mill to get to 190 ap 😑

  • Yo for valk, Succ is at least a star better than awakening. Succ 2 has wide AoE protected CC with high damage that allows her to bust shields and poke for CC in a way that awak valk cannot come close to without being at a massive risk for grab or soft CC.

  • hahaha i almost agree with everything until guardian
    she's just good class for Grinding on pvp she very bad for duel because she's so slow it's make her even easy to grab if you trying to use some skill to trade most everytime she will grab her neck before her can do anything to other class with grab , also because she's so slow that even class with no grab still can easy take adv of her FG skill easy to cc her
    both her awk or succ very bad for 1 v 1 if your gear doesnt good than them
    node war she simple go in nuke then go out , so again she's need very high gear for that unleast you fight T1 , siege if she's go in don't nuke people down then next thing are her neck got grab !
    i don't know why english player say her are great but in kr she's doesnt that great , and a bad pic for pvp i would rate 2 star on her pvp side because her pvp really depend on gear compare to opponent
    also same as sorc also very bad match for 1 vs 1 or 1 vs many , doesnt good choice she's melt while try do dodge that why most sorc on kr are change class or leave the game !

  • The Wizard is and always will be my main till the bitter end. However, I have come to love and enjoy the delicate destruction that my Maehwa provides.

  • YavolYavol

    Author Reply

    after that new patch, u should make video again xd

  • so mystic is trash?

  • Very detailed video I’ve been wanting to play this game for awhile but I was overwhelmed with videos and players from other mmorpg’s I play saying this game is too complex but I’m up for a challenge. I just created a berserker and I’m excited to get started. Thanks for the information!

  • Is it a good idea to be a striker main?

  • HailHail

    Author Reply

    What a nice guide, I wish there was a complete overview at the end. For example I am only interested in PvE and without watching the whole thing again I could only remember 3 5-star classes.

  • Finally someone I can understand

  • PVX lmao

  • Macro God 0.5 sec x3 CC what Ranged Stunx2 + 0sec Warp CC(CC2.4point)Ranged Double stun warp Ninja ☆6 Succesion