Black Desert Online Classes – All 16 In Action

Black Desert Online Classes – All 16 In Action, this is a compilation of all classes available to play in Black Desert Online, as of 29/9/18.

In the Following Order (all classes are Gender Locked)

► Warrior – 0.04 secs
► Ranger – 1.03 secs
► Sorceress – 2.47 secs
► Beserker – 4.24 sces
► Tamer – 6.05 secs
► Striker – 7.40 secs
► Musa – 8.38 secs
► Maehwa – 10.52 secs
► Mystic – 12.21 secs
► Valkyrie – 13.28 secs
► Kunoichi – 15.45 secs
► Ninja – 17.07 secs
► Dark Knight – 18.46 secs
► Wizard – 20.05 secs
► Witch – 21.12 secs
► Lahn – 22.28 secs

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  • why the frames so low gaming on a potato?

  • EzEz

    Author Reply

    Witch is litteraly JoJo Reference

  • AOEfest Online.

  • Is this online?!

  • a good question…Do the effects of combat take up more space on your screen than you feel would be optimal to communicate the power of these character classes? Or, are we looking at gameplay with the screen zoomed in more than usual. I like the style of combat, but the camera seems a bit close for such a spectacle. How could you identify new threats and stay tactically aware of the situation with such bright explosions and frame dances going on all over your screen? That is my concern.

  • All classes are same but light effects different lmao

  • 10:52 Mo shinderu…

  • look everyone its kratos future daughter 22:32

  • Ryuzaki Jashin   A Valkyrie is FEMALE by Nature and Not MALE! … Check out your Norse Mythology! … wats up don't you like playing with girls lol

  • omg lahn is the most adorable but hard to control

  • No 2 handed primary tf?

  • Auto attack ba to?


    Author Reply

    lahn is nice right?

  • So the warrior class is basically guts

  • Fckton of melee classes. Hope they put some good ranged classes up in there

  • Me normal : great game has alot of possibilities
    Seizure Friend : First glance This had him

  • Imagine going ranger to use fucking knives

  • So sad its pay to play but it seems it has the same unique battle system like Vindictus and i really love it

  • How do you even see what your character do with all those visual effects on the screen?

  • it doesnt show Wizards awakening. im tilted. dislike.

  • Rohan online more unique

  • Are there any differences between ninja and kunoichi?

  • I saw 5 classes: paladin, sorceres, tamer, puncher and bunch of same classes with differend weapons…..

  • I like ninja, musa,kunoichi,lahn and witch

  • ayy mystic was what i chose, really love her playstyle even though she's considered weak among the other classes

  • Superbe vidéo 😉👍

  • LAHN looking like female kratos with the chaos blades. She is amazing

  • The striker reminds me of ashura from ashuras wraith


  • I Play on console cant wait for new x box for better grapgic on TV i like to Play bdo not pc ….

  • Chose Mystic for my first character, she's a badass with big ole tiddies

  • I used to be "rogue" class in wow….

  • cant wait for LHAN on global cries on global again 😭😭😭😭😭

  • What a over stylised mess

  • Combat just looks boring and all the same for all….

  • did they misspell berserker???
    They even spelled it right in the following description. Wow.

  • Isn't there a samuri Class in the pc version?

  • 3:49 isn't dat the scourge of Erinys in God of war….