Black Desert Online in 2020. Which Class to Play?

We just came into a new decade, and yet Black Desert Online is still one of the best and one of the most popular MMORPG out there. Soo for those of you who are trying to come back or want to try out the game this year, and is asking which class to play? Then this video gives an overview for all the 19 classes of Black Desert Online including the awakening and some of the released succession updates.

As usual, there has been several buffs and nerfs on 2019, new class releases, and the most prominent update which is the succession, which is basically an alternate path you can take at level 56 aside from awakening.
Note however the current succession path are pretty much OP for most of the classes, and might get some nerfs later on this year, soo better keep that in mind as its still an ongoing release and further balance might be made by PA, for better or for worse. But you can switch anytime between succession and awakening anyway, with the free skill reset you get during the awakening quests.

The classes includes
Warrior Awakening and Succession 1:00
Valkyrie Awakening and Succession 2:56
Striker Awakening 5:20
Mystic Awakening 6:27
Wizard Awakening 7:41
Witch Awakening 9:03
Archer Awakening 10:02
Ranger Awakening and Succession 11:29
Dark Knight Awakening and Succession 13:40
Tamer Awakening and Succession 15:55
Shai 18:07
Lahn Awakening 20:05
Sorceress Awakening 21:36
Musa Awakening and Succession 23:20
Maehwa Awakening and Succession 25:46
Ninja Awakening and Succession 28:00
Kunoichi Awakening and Succession 30:00
Berserker Awakening 32:00
Guardian 33:23

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  • Succ nerfs now incoming as expected

  • can someone recomend a game like this game

  • Whatever you do NOT touch guardian.. slow telegraphed attacks.. currently one of the easiest classes to grab and stomp on. If you do like pve however guardian is great, but in pvp (ESPECIALLY 1v1 they are trash tier)

  • I wanna play so bad for the playstyle but there is just close to no PvE content… This is so sad, this game has so much potential. After 2 months playing I had several classes “max” level and nothing to do with them 🙁

  • 25:00

  • iamNGiamNG

    Author Reply


  • Thanks for the video, I am a shitty warrior who rarely online and try to gain any knowledge available and i was wondering should i go to succession or awakening. I just want to kill mobs and get S-level.
    Great Vid !!!

  • im from NA and i want to play with someone on SEA server… is there a way to play together?? 🙁

  • I’ve heard this voice in mlbb game play

  • Hands up for you guys who play DK because she is really beautiful even though the stats is suck🤘

  • Gah this is such a comprehensive look but I cant understand half of what he's saying…

  • have not played since 2017

  • i coudnt play the game long time because bugs they had but they had it only on some graficcards

  • i cant say that because i had it 2 times and sometimes update doesnt work

  • I'm between mystic, musa lahn

  • Shai is the best

  • Actualy Guardian is the best class in game.

  • olkoolko

    Author Reply

    Does only Shai/Valkyre/Witch/Wizard have team support skills?

  • Wait that musa look fun and the ninja but i just downloaded the game and there no musa or ninja,shaii…only have that giant guy,warrior archer, sorcerer, witch and Valkyrie that all???so umm can anyone explain to me why??

  • good guide but i wish the music was lowered a bit. quite hard to understand what you're saying with your heavy accent(through no fault of your own of course!) with the music fighting for volume dominance. other than that, I loved it ^^

  • I can't wait for mystic on the black desert mobile

  • I'm a newbie and the first thing I want to do in the black desert is to play the DK class and make my DK character beautiful. I played to level 20 and I asked if this character is weak or strong? Initially I taught DK to have slow movements because I felt the damage generated was strong but, over time I was annoyed and in the end I found this video and I knew DK SUCCCCC! even though I've made my DK character look very beautiful and it has taken maybe 9 hours just because I want to make my DK character beautiful like others show on Beuty Album .. I hope my DK isn't nerfed anymore 🙁

  • is this game p2w? I play mobile version and that is super p2w lol

  • Raaah i can't remember what is that music starting playing with the DK presentation …

  • woah this very helpfull

    but i think u need to update this

  • i can’t really understand what this guy is saying, where did you learn how to speak in english? it sound annoying. and it’s like he’s eating every word he’s saying, even sounds like murmuring


    Author Reply

    Pinoy ka no? Lmao

  • awesome vid bro as of rn 100% best class for pve? farming mostly

  • Thank you so much for this guide bro. I'm just starting to play bdo. This helped me a lot to choose

  • bbdo in 2020 kekw

  • n onn on

    Author Reply

    Sorc awake Vs Tamer awake who is win?

  • Nice video dude but I wold like to say that succ striker is really not that bad in high end pve (he got buffed in some patches after this video realeased).

  • Musa is not a "spin to win" class. If you actually look at the animations, he is switching hands when swinging the halberd in HALF circles, not full circles even, i.e. spinning. Nevermind that the Musa doesn't even spin their body either. (If you call that spin to win, then might as well call Lahn and half of the other classes that too, which they aren't.) Which brings me to the fact that the Berserker does in fact have skills that spins their entire body like a top, swinging their axes in FULL circles around him.

  • awakened guardian better than mystic?!

  • Is there any GW2 players who also played (or still playing) BDO, to somewhat compare the classes? I know its 2 different games, but just approx?

  • Im a mystic player but i want to try lahn or musa witch is beter for grinding?

  • 20:55 shes shaking !! i think you need help….

  • Currently downloading the game with 50 minutes left and figured id check a class description video. So glad I chose yours as it's crazy gooooood , explained so much and got me extremely hyped to get ingame

  • wich is the "top grinders" other then guartdian 😛

  • So which one for completly new player to this game? (I like some type of magic ones or assasin)

  • no shota class D:

  • Just play guardian easy win on every aspect. U will get more money per hour and easy pvp PEW PEW PEW !

  • The guardian is kratos daughter