California Democrat LOSES IT After Elon Musk Files Lawsuit Over Unconstitutional Lockdown

Controversial Democrat LOSES IT After Elon Musk Files Lawsuit Over Unconstitutional Lockdown. Lorena Gonzales, a california Democrat, launched some choice words at Elon Musk shortly after he announced he was suing Alameda County in CA Over their refusal to allow him to reopen his Tesla plant.

She went on to drag the company even as the local mayor announced her support for Tesla and Elon Musk.

Gonzales has a controversial history as the leader behind the AB5 bill which cost California thousands of jobs. Progressives we particularly angry with Gonzales over the bill which resulted i thousands of journalists getting the ax from their companies.

Now as California faces a 54B budget deficit the last thing they need is to lose more jobs but it seems that many on the left are just fine with the economy falling apart and 10,000 jobs moving to Texas and Nevada

Republican Rep Dan Crenshaw tweeted some professional and polite words encouraging the business to come to Texas and I’m sure many unemployed Texans would be excited to get back to work.


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  • I hope Elon picks up his plant and moves to Florida

  • I believe he did move his HQ, the factory is different and much harder to move on a dime

  • (Musk tries to open factory and give work back to employees.)
    Democrats: How dare he!
    (Musk decides to file lawsuit and take business/wealth elsewhere)
    Democrats: How dare he!

  • After all this, I kinda want to buy a Tesla now…

  • Fist off, I LOVE my job. Working as an Uber driver is like living a dream for me. It pays like shit, but when it's time to work, I actually get giddy and pumped up to do my job.
    I don't think the human garbage who wants to live off government checks can even begin to understand having pride in your work.

    I make about $20K-$25K a year driving for Uber. However, the last two months I haven't made a cent because all the bars, restaurants, and wineries are closed.
    Everyone is drinking at home, and drunks and/or people looking to get drunk are about 99% of my business. I NEED bars, restaurants, and wineries to reopen!
    Uber Eats is appalling when it comes to pay. For the SAME distance and time as an UberX ride, I'm paid about 25% as much for an Uber Eats delivery, which is harder work as I must leave my car.
    Also, nobody wants to tip on Uber Eats deliveries. For UberX and UberXL rides, I get on average about $4 in tips (I've even gotten $20 and $50 tips). Drunk people are less inhibited, and just tip way better. People cooped up in their homes against their will are irritable and don't tip. Uber Eats pays so poorly that it barely covers gas, and the time window of work is so low, I may only get one request in a 2 hour span, earning a paltry $1-$2 PER HOUR after setting aside money for gas and vehicle maintenance, which is non-optional, because without gas or maintenance, I can't work.

    My point is, I LOVE rich people, BECAUSE THEY'RE MY FUCKING CUSTOMERS!!!
    I NEED those wealthy bastards to work and make money, otherwise I'm out of a job! Classic trickle down economics, but if you shut down all the businesses, there's nothing to trickle down! I mean, where do you suppose people get the money to go drinking an blow a few hundred dollars at a bar, or a couple thousand at a vineyard? Money doesn't come out of thin air; it needs to be earned. It is by definition a storage/representation of effort, which in turn gives it value. If there is no effort (aka "work"), then the money has no value. So if no one is working, and you just print a bunch of money, that solves nothing, because NO ONE WORKED FOR IT.

    Reopening businesses IS valuing life, because without work, our currency has no value, and we become a Democrat utopia like Venezuela where people die from starvation, violence, and inability to get proper medical care. If you value life, you must also value our right to work, because work creates the effort that gives our currency value, and when we poor people have work, we get to eat. By keeping businesses closed, you Democrats are robbing us of the means to feed ourselves and our children. You think you can just give us play money, government fun bucks, but that money has no value if nobody gets to work. And quite frankly, I DON'T WANT TO RELY ON GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS. That is shameful, devoid of all honor, and makes me sick to my stomach to be a man who can't provide, even if it's the goddamn government's fault I have no work. Don't get me wrong, if push comes to shove and I become homeless, I'm going into the mountains and living off the land. That I know how to do. I really prefer indoor plumbing and electricity, so I'm not giving up just yet.

    Remember, Democrats, A LOT of Americans have guns (over 43% of all households), and a lot of Americans are piiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssed at you guys. You public officials are supposed to be OUR servants, NOT the other way around, and armed protests are getting bolder. At some point you guys may find yourselves surrounded by enough armed civilians that our numbers dwarf those of the military, and you won't be able to hide in your palaces and mansions anymore. People will want blood, it will be yours that they want, and you will be powerless to stop us. Do the right thing; reopen our economy, stop pandering to mysophobic idiots, and save your own neck in the process. Stop quarantining the low-risk healthy; that's NOT how a quarantine works!

  • Its because that "conspiracy theory" is EXACTLY what democrats are doing they are goong to blame trump regardless

  • ukkrukkr

    Author Reply

    The IRS, OVER A DECADE AGO, IN FACT, ALMOST 2 DECADES AGO, ALREADY had a list of what an employee was!!!!!!!!

    HELL, DON'T believe me! go to the IRS site: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/understanding-employee-vs-contractor-designation

    This is currently the 2017 version:


    RELATIONSHIP? MAYBE ONE POINT!(NOTE, this was likely due to garbage added by NEW YORK, which WAS added around 2015-2016)

    BTW That last relationship deal is MORONIC!!!!!!! Say we are talking about a JOBBER for coke(I forget the actual title). Based on this last deal, such a jobber, here, would be considered an employee of COKE……….OH, and CVS, WALGREENS, KROGER, WALMART, ETC…..
    I could keep going, but you get the IDEA. In fact COKE ITSELF could be declared an employee of all of its wholesale customers!

    Technically, any retail customers don't have such a business and wouldn't be considered employers, though this isn't explicitly spelled out. But these jobbers may even setup entire displays for the store, and thus play a part in selling the product that IS the main purpose of that store, and thus qualify them as employees under the last criteria for a relationship. LIKEWISE, coke creates sales material AND the products, that the store sells and ALSO qualify themselves as employees under that last criteria. PRIOR to coke taking these tasks on, the customers DID do it THEMSELVES, after all!

    Uber drivers do this by driving their car to facilitate the travel of customers, which is UBERS main business.

  • Fuck that Fat Assed Lorena Gonzalez

  • Yet your dub ass is still voting for democrats gtfo Tim

  • I'm so stoked about the election this year, because with the Democrats being so openly tyrannical, and turning so much of our country into China 2.0 that even hardened "progressives" are being red pilled by this sampling of communist dictatorship. I think it might be possible that California turns red for the first time in decades. Between all the new gun owners, police – aka the government – saying they won't help you, Democrats making unconstitutional policies enforced by crooked cops, and costing the people – even illegal immigrants – hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs, people are NOT happy with their local officials. All Trump has to do to win the election is announce right now the nation has the green light to open. By doing that, he hands the power over to the states, and the people who are still denied going back to work only have their state or local officials to blame.

  • ukkrukkr

    Author Reply

    California actually has charging stations for Tesla cars. If tesla is closed, and a battery or other part breaks in the car, HOW do you get it fixed without tesla to provide spare parts?

  • I work in a large but rural UK hospital in the south east. I'm very lucky because they are still paying me my contracted hours (only part time hours though, but still). I really do not like getting paid for doing jack shit.

  • Kalifornia is a dictatorship run by communists. They do what they want when they want and don’t care about breaking the law. They thumb their nose at the Federal Government knowing full well the Feds won’t do anything to stop them. They have turned a once Beautiful state into a cesspool and will continue to destroy this country. What have the socialists brought to the table of life that’s been beneficial and meaningful to mankind? They bring slavery, poverty and death. The democrat mantra, {AT ANY COST} that includes YOU and your FAMILY!! Stealing more tax dollars Newsom steals gas tax money https://californiaglobe.com/section-2/gov-newsoms-executive-order-authorizin

  • Democrat doing a horrible job in California. I’m not surprised.

  • You popped up on my recommendations Tim! Grow the infoooooo

  • when you can accomplish something and now cant do it, you feel useless or bored. If you cant accomplish anything, and still get paid you feel happy…I call that lazy and childish. add to the world, dont suck it dry.

  • It's because of the California deficit that they are prolonging the lock down, they want to keep getting Corona Federal support!


    Author Reply

    "Please don't move here, Californians."
    -The Other 49 States

  • hahahahhahahahhahahahha

  • Maybe she thought telsa should have given her a free car, then she would have allowed the plant to open,

  • I guess when you become a billionaire your feelings become more important than the welfare of your 10,000 employees. Sorry Elon you won't win any friends by threatening this.

  • The sort of people who buy Teslas are not going to listen to these Lefty idiots!

  • Ridiculous, stats being given are showing that even if we resume production on cars people are NOT buying them. We'll have even more lots of cars with no people or money to buy them. Frankly the fact that among states that are opening and those that have opened, only 20% of their normal business resumed should be an eye opener that even if we fucking reopen people aren't going to do shit. Even if you open the country people wont fucking go out because either they're scared of getting sick or don't have any money to buy things. Frankly all you idiots advocating for reopening should just quit it, it will LITERALLY not change a thing. There is no going back to how things use to be, at least not for 1 1/2 or 2 years. Also Elon moving to Texas makes not a lick of fucking sense, an ELECTRIC car company moving to a state that generates the majority of wealth from OIL?

  • Doesn't she support subsidizing green jobs? Doesn't she agree that government knows best what to do with taxes?
    What is her argument there? That lefty policies helped a company? that doesn't mean they are your slaves, stop being a democrat, you democrat, you either understand how subsidies work or you don't, there are no terms in the subsidies that state the company has to go under if the "gubberment" goes into hysteria

    Leave it to a democrat to think they own you, because you used the system they put in place

  • Go Elon, I should show support and buy a Tesla now. 😁

  • Trump derangement syndrome run amuck

  • Elon Musk is a champ, I am so proud of him. Other than his crazy kid names, he is taking the fight to the frontlines. Commifornia has made their grave, and now they can lay in it! Come to Utah, Elon! We can alway use more great Americans like you in this state!

  • Fake news. The government is in bed with all the billionaires. They would never stop them from doing their thang.

  • I don't think it really matters what is and is not unconstitutional if we all fucking die to an uncaring viral outbreak. I would much rather force everyone to stay the fuck inside than let everyone run around outside doing whatever the hell they please and spreading this shit all over the place. If we didn't do anything about it and say, opened schools again and forced children to go, one child getting it means hundreds of families having family members die because that shit will spread like fucking wildfire! Anybody who supports stopping the lock-downs is directly supporting the deaths of hundreds to thousands of people, so I hope you fuckers who think that feel good about it…

  • I had to delete Reddit. I was so sick of seeing that subreddit and politics in all subreddits.

  • Every Tim Pool broadcast for the past year is Tim Pool suddenly realizing the Democrats and liberals are full of shit. Smart people figure that out by the time they are 30.

  • California = Another liberal shit hole

  • Elon was dropping some mind-blowing shit on Rogan the other day

  • Elon Musk has balls of plutonium

  • The Universal Basic Income idea is nothing short of Cargo-Cult Economics. Those little pieces of paper are NOT wealth; they are, at best, legitimate markers for claims on wealth. When they are printed and disseminated as if they ARE wealth being created and redistributed, the delusion will cause the economic system to collapse. It is idiocy. These are people who do not understand that their food comes from something more fundamental than the grocery store. This is one reason they believe that it is possible to put everyone under house arrest and nothing bad will happen.

  • The "drama" of the crisis has been adopted by a lot of people who have no sense of meaning in their lives. They have no idea that meaning comes from within themselves and have been looking, for some, a long time, for meaning everywhere but inside. With the pandemic, they now believe that "enduring the pandemic" is what will give them a sense of meaning in their lives. This is why they are subconsciously obsessed with maintaining it. If it goes away, their phony sense of meaning and belonging and greater purpose will evaporate out of their lives and they have a mortal fear of that.

  • Thanks for pulling up a web page and reading it to me…. I guess?

  • Elon musk more like, chad chadson

  • We need to get going again, Tim? Everyone is about to find out that it is enormously easier to start a panic than to stop one. The exact same observation is true for the economy. The virus is running its course. The vast economic consequences will cost orders of magnitude more in lives and they have not even started to manifest yet. Watch it happen.

  • These people are managing to alienate EVERYBODY, including their own base! California depends upon a state income tax. The unemployed do not pay it! It depends upon tolls and gas taxes. People not driving do not pay those. It has business taxes that the owners of shuttered businesses will not be paying on profits they were unable to make. It has an extensive social-services network that has been bankrupting the state even before the Corona-panic. The jackasses running the various California governments have finally gone full retard. Imagine the shock, horror, and outright psychotic breakdown that will befall these people if "the unthinkable" happens, and California actually goes to Trump in November. Exploding heads, everywhere.

  • So let me get this straight: The governor whom has failed his whole state tells the rocket scientist / engineer with satellites and a fucking car in outer fucking space, that he….is in the wrong here?


  • "She is just awful."

    Fixed that for you.

  • Comment

  • People who support this woman do not care about jobs tim, they want everything handed to them from government

  • JJ

    Author Reply

    Please come to Texas.

  • can I donate with PayPal? What name/e-addres?