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Categorizing Linux Distros

I often use some terms when I describe the various Linux distributions. Some of these terms, I’ve not taken the time to properly define. So I discuss five categories of Linux distros…at least, according to DT.

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  • Meme, by original definition is anything that spreads non-genetically

  • I was memed to use arch 😀

  • Actually DT, I migrated from Debian to Arch based on your praise for Arch. DT is a meme??

  • What about Alpine?

  • I definitely disagree on both Arch, Gentoo, and Void.

  • everyone knows that BolgenOS is the best distro

  • Is Bus Linux a protest distro?

  • What about minimalist distros. Distros that attempt to use the smallest amount of hardware resouces possible.

  • I'm not sure if i 100% agree when you're calling arch a meme distro. I understand that for some stupid reason people consider it to be some sort of elitist club only for smart special people, and it really isn't. It's just a functional, feature-rich distribution. I know I could not possibly care less about any "cool factor" when I use arch, I just use it because of the AUR, how powerful it is, and because I like the rolling release model. I'd hope that at least a good portion of the arch userbase falls into this camp, because I find it pretty annoying when people joke about how hard it is to install arch, or how much arch breaks all the time, or how much time you have to spend maintaining arch, or how much better arch users are than everyone else. Nearly none of the memes that surround arch are true in any way from my experience as well as the experience of the actual arch users I've talked to. There also seems to be this ridiculous inferiority complex around people who use ubuntu, and how some people feel the need to apologize that they aren't using a "big boy distro" like arch. These people are completely ridiculous, they're literally creating their own inferiority complex and forcing themselves to feel bad for using something that works for them just because some wacko on 4chan called them a pleb for using ubuntu.

    This kind of immaturity is just tiresome and annoying, and is frankly frustrating when trying to talk to people about linux distributions due to all this bullshit misinformation propagated by idiots.

  • I use a distro that falls under "garage" and "user friendly," but it was intentionally designed to be easily modified, customized, and messed with from jump. Feren OS KDE Plasma really is great. I've had less issues with it than Manjaro, MX, Deepin, or Ubuntu.

  • More meme distros are Rebecca Black Linux, SwagArch, etc. Protest distros are funny, btw.

  • Nice video

    To me, core distros are just 2:
    1. Debian
    2. Redhat

    User friendly:
    Mandriva (RIP)
    Suse (Open Suse for the mortals)

    New forks
    KDE Neon
    Pop OS

    In general, all distros are the same, just change the desktop manager (KDE, GNOME, XFCE, etc…), make a few configuration screens to allow customization and a few wallpapers and you have a new distro.

  • i dont like how you badly describe the "user-friendly" distro..
    even tho im in linux for 4 months, i would definitely consider myself a newbie.. (even tho i changed a lot of things that newbie wont do)
    how oneself will start using linux if you talk bad about "user-friendly" distro? do you expect them to use "core" distro?
    are you one of those "elitist" they talk about? who's using linux coz its unique? and anti-mass adaptation? just curious..
    PS: im sorry if im rude or something.. im just putting out my honest take on this..
    PS: how about those "minimal" "user-friendly" distro? are they still same?

  • Are you telling me HannahMontana Linux has no future?!

  • "no one uses arch because it's right for them"

    I beg to differ. No other distribution… well aside from gentoo and LFS is anywhere near as lightweight, nor can I think of another one that gives me such a close knowledge of the exact workings of my system. I've used arch since before debian 7 came out, and haven't had a significant breakage since. I consider that a win.

  • Red Star OS is the best.

  • I'm grateful to Ubuntu because it was the first Linux distro I seriously gave a shot (after playing a little bit with Red Hat), but Ubuntu has become a shitty Linux distro in time.

  • What about Kali Linux? What category would that fit into?

  • [CLICK] [CLICK] [CLICK] Umm, done! And what was that? That was me, a Linux newbie, removing all of the "bloat" packages I don't need that came installed in my unnecessarily user-friendly distro. Damn, Derek…do you drive only 60-year old cars because driving should take you out of your comfort zone and they don't do all the thinking for you?

  • I'm using Zorin-15.1 specifically because it is a super easy "user friendly" distro. After 25 years of windows, I just wanted an install and go system. I only used the terminal to set up my drives and file locations. Now I have a stable reliable workstation.

  • I never looked at Mint as a protest distro, but I can see how that is. Fact is I never liked Ubuntu at all with a GUI… Ubuntu server fine, but they have never had a GUI I have liked ever, but have had functionality I can't exclude from my DE.. I think Gnome and Unity both suck almost equally… And always loved Cinnamon workflow… So I was quite happy installing Cinnamon over Debian, but if I can get Ubuntu functionality, without the garbage, and have Cinnamon over it… that's my distro. No need for protest, it just does what I want… In the last 12ish years of messing with linux, Ubuntu has never made it more than 7 days on my machine before getting wiped for something with a better workflow.

  • Market share/segment is the final judgement, and the biggest Linux challenge is the consumer PC market. Android has shown that Linux can win in the mobile market and it may soon happen in the PC market.

  • Mint looks better than Ubuntu

  • You miss the point completely. The bloat is for sheep who will never configure ANYTHING. Like the idiots at "work" who call the companies sys admin because the mouse dunn got stucked.(battery dead).

  • It's sort of warped to call picking something that works best for you a "protest" against something else.

  • Nah DT, I genuinely do use Arch because I feel like it's the right distro for me.. has nothing to do with the meme or the cool factor. I wouldn't consider arch to be a meme distro like Hannah Montana Linux as Arch wasn't created specifically with the purpose of being a funny meme. The "btw I use arch" stereotype caught on from the elitist attitudes a select group of Arch users tend to use, however it wasn't Arch's original intention.

  • Derek is NOT bad mouthing distributions (in this video), he is merely explaining his own terminology he uses on his channel. Bad mouthing distros serves no positive effect for Derek's channel nor anyone in the Linux community.

  • user-unfriendly?

  • Is there any benefit to uninstalling "bloat"?

  • I think the largest category are unnecessary Linux Distros

  • So what's the big deal with systemd? Why do people dislike it so much? Is it just personal taste or something else?

  • Pleased to hear you mentioned Slackware first

  • This man is a master of satire.

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    can someone make this

  • Whether you should use a 'core' or 'user-friendly' distro depends on what you want to do with it. If you want it to work out of the box and lack both the deeper knowledge and the time you need to get deep into it, 'user-friendly' really is. Plus, you can go distro-hopping once you know the basics.
    Manjaro, for instance, has very little in the way of a 'walled garden'. Ubuntu, a 'core distro', has way more of that via its obsession with Snap packages.

  • After distro hopping for a year I have finally settled with fedora for a while. I yet have to try arch (I tried manjaro but building arch is part of its charm)

  • Manjaro hard to modify? In your dreams. Its a great launch point and if you dont want to remove packages and install another DE just use the architect.

  • I love DT's accent. I am in Australia and can't pick it exactly ("Southern" of some type?). Anyone know?

  • I use arch because it lets me customise everything and build my own setup also I find nvidia drivers to be better

  • Garage distros are very common among Android distributions just lineage os or aosp with a few changes and a different logos

  • y zaky zak

    Author Reply

    And then there's Temple OS