Coronavirus Update From Home in Malaysia – Let's Stay Strong!

Let’s stay calm and not panic. Focus on using our time on positive things. We moved to …


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  • Hey guys!!! Let's all stay strong together! We are not traveling and have been staying indoors for a couple weeks now and will continue to do so. I think it's the responsible thing to do at this point and we are not advising anyone to travel at this point. Let's all follow the orders from our governments and be responsible citizens to try and flatten the curve of the coronavirus. https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019 We are going to stay strong and stay indoors and cook and stay healthy! Once this is all over we will be back to shooting more food videos for you! In the meantime we have 2 more episodes from Turkey and then we will find other ways to make updates and fun videos for you from home. Thanks so much guys for being a part of the Foodrangin' community! This will all be over soon! Love you guys!!!

  • Duduk rumah 😁

  • Stay Home

  • I hope you are ok, you don't look so well

  • Why Malaysia

  • Is malasia your native palace.

  • take care!

  • stay strong bro,
    don't eat meat so much …
    try more veg foods

  • He doesn't look very good😟

  • Tq to support malaysia🙏

  • We in malaysia is very stress rn

  • The Movement Control Order for Malaysia is now extended to 14 April 2020 … announced this afternoon.
    Stay safe … Make the best of your time here in Malaysia.

  • I AMI AM

    Author Reply

    This guy is lying. He went back to China before heading to KL.

  • Hey Trevor, I just want to let you know, there are a lot of ignorant and negative people out there but you are uniting the world through food! Keep it up 😀

  • Cheers dude, must be super hard for you. Stay safe

  • Hi bro. Your new home base is Malaysia? Wow May I know why? Because I’m follow your vlog, and it surprise me because you travelling a lot and see the world, but you choose Malaysia. My homeland. Can you tell me. Because I’m curious and kind of interested to know. Hehe. Lots of love.

  • Go to Chinas wet markets. Would love to see this really adventurous video. Maybe eat bat 🍲

  • Hi even m from Malaysia

  • GOD BLESS YOU, TREVOR AND YOUR WIFE TING TING IN MALAYSIA – Family Swiss living in Melaka, Malaysia – Stay Strong!!!

  • You moved in Malaysia, awesome! Spend more time to explore Indonesian food more please!

  • Oh wow!! Amazing that you’re here in my hometown. Big fan of yours. Hope we can meet one day

  • Stay Safe Trevor , may god bless you and I request you to give up on non-veg foods.


  • People are so paranoid

  • OtomoOtomo

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    Malaysia is the worst in Asean.

  • Make a video about cooking your best food dishes 😀

  • stay well. looking forward to more videos when it's safe. thanks.

  • Kaise ho bhaya🌹🌹🌹😘

  • Proud to be Malaysians

  • Welcome back to Malaysia! Would be cool to bump into you two in KL once the virus craziness calms down

  • Alert not anxious! Glad you’re safe! Look forward to the home videos & noodle recipes!

  • You have cashed in lots of money in China..why leave them now?

  • When this whole thing is over, come visit Sabah for fantastic food. Stay safe!

  • wondered where both of u disappeared to. glad to hear ting's family r safe in china. continue vlogging, can't wait to c ur twist ur take on any of the cuisines, that shd keep both of u ultra busy. hey trevor why not try making roti canai, now that would be a great show!!

  • I was thinking about you! Wondering how did your noodle tour goes with Covid19 menacing. Surprised to find out that you're in my country! I'm down South I'm JB, come over here when all these is over! Happy to bring you to some good food

  • Stay safe! If you need a few smiles, I got you 🙂 – https://youtu.be/ucOAWHuCiGk

  • Stay safe. Hope to see you uploading when safer. Cheers from Sarawak.

  • I wish you two well. I want to ask: are you two married? I ask God humbly to Bless you two. 💕🌎🍇🌸🍬🌷💐🌴🍉🌺🍎🌻🌻❤️🕌

  • No panic broo…

  • Hallo….

  • my dear John extremely take care while traveling.
    stay away

  • 加油

  • Show us your son.. love to see him..

    Please email me at mike.frc@gmail.com

  • I have an idea, while your in isolation because of this pandemic…why don't you use extra footage from some of your travel so we can see what it's like traveling behind the scenes with the food ranger.

  • Stay strong bro

  • You eventually went to Turkey Welcome to Turkey. Hi you from Australia 🇦🇺

  • waw you guys stay in Malaysia… please collab with destinasi tv, they do great job about Malaysian foods