Coronavirus update: WHO chief declares the coronavirus a global pandemic

CNBC’s Meg Tirrell reports updates on the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

For more coronavirus live updates:

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  • Plague inc in Brutal be like

  • every one needs to take care and do everything you can to keep that number from being a reality.

  • Yes people Do the math 3,000 per 100,000 who get the virus so that's 30,000 per million and there are about 400 million Americans with a potential of 12 million people.

  • "Social distancing" every time I hear that phrase it makes me think of a new youth / social media trend. Like flossing, twerking and dabbing.
    I instinctively recoil and roll my eyes. Can't we have a more appropriate term for avoiding public places, and having close contact with other people?

  • So finally…"WHO let the dogs out" 😷
    I'mma celebrate with a corona 🍻

  • Why are we paying this useless organization. I don't want a single cent from my taxes to go to WHO

  • OoAoO.與中国大陸對話.必須在中国人民代表大會提出申請書.因為共產是中国各省份的聯合.單憑一人的片面之詞.無法代表整各中国.也就是說在中国有股份.就是共產黨.臺灣的政團與學團很奸詐.常叫人處理案件拒絕付帳.還切斷公家電腦的網路連線.甚至另設單一窗口收案件.選擇性的申報.從中謀取暴利.甚至還跟處理案件及提案人索費.理由竟然只是考試錄取或選舉當選了.要領薪水..近年.走私被查獲的案件很多.立法院立的法律也很奇怪.譬如說強制險 保期到沒退保.竟要求續保.{遵守交通規則的人.為什麼要繳保費給違規車禍的人呢?這是假共產真詐財.還是私人財團的民主自由呢?}.那麼這會是走私被查獲的人參與政治選舉當選後.提案立的法律嗎?試想.走私必須熟知軍警公職的作息時間.因此不排除軍警公教涉案.走私香菸須有印刷背景.走私毒品必須要有藥劑醫師或工商會的化工背景.走私雜糧南北貨須有果菜市場或農會或廚師背景.這些人混在一起.就跟政黨一樣.可以操作媒體.甚至參選政治官員.或組織單位提案立法.但肯定是跟銀行商借社會大眾存款.無力償還的人.話說口說無憑.端看近年發生的重大走私案件.有宗走私海洛英上岸後.掉在屏東海邊.後來被查到海洛英藏在台東的學生宿舍.之後才發生武漢肺炎.大量印製口罩.由此來分析.涉案集團年紀不大.有醫師及印刷及媒體背景.好像是在訴說病毒比毒品還要嚴重.但應不曉得.是因為錢大量被毒販拿走.又扯出竊盜.傷害等等刑案.才查緝毒品的.. 而這毒品藏在學校.校長老師.因而遭感染傷病或死亡.是一定的..

  • QqQ.物價上漲是交通罰單引起.因為在無國家給款明細時.社會大眾必須調漲物價.才有辦法繳納罰單.曾經有老婦人計算政府發放的福利金額.發現比政府所徵收的稅款還少.等於是沒發放款項.基於憲法保障國家居民的基本人權.在當事人無惡性違規.違及國家社會時.並不能實施強制法令.但汽機車強制險.賠償明細交代不清.未到期還催保.保單到期沒退保或累積保金.並說未保不能換汽機車證件.顯然觸犯公務法的抑留剋扣罪.這是效法學校說未繳學費.不能上學拿學生證嗎?還是看醫生沒繳費就不能就醫呢?當國家公務員對社會大眾說.沒繳費.就要聯絡分機連線.凌虐社會大眾.將其財產充公.那麼社會大眾跟國家政府拿不到基本生活款項.能不能洗劫或殺害國家公務員的家及人或將其關在狗籠貨櫃裡呢?奇怪?保險和借貸都要付出代價或利息.為什麼學生和政團會如此樂此不疲呢?是詐保還是借款逃逸呢?

  • Since ncov19,was genetically manufactured ,it can easily terminated by nitrous oxide and helium gas

  • Look at the South Korean ! What a good idea for drive through test system. I guess if there is possibility hope to import the kit and let people get tested easily.

  • As an infectious disease scientist, this is an over reaction. Never trust politicians and news media when discussing science


  • 4000 deaths worldwide most all from China. Come on now. Stop scaring people more than half have alreasy recovered.

  • It takes leadership and people to work together to battle this virus at least to have it under control and buy time for vaccine and treatment drugs to be develop within 12 to 18 months. Hong Kong is a good example for a congested city of 8 million, we discover some cases in early January, HK government immediately did contact tracing and isolated infected person, the government inform the public to stay home to work and school were closed and we shall exercise social distancing, surely for the nearly past 3 months, the economy suffer a lot, some businesses went bankrupt, some people became unemployed, so the government implement financial relief for everyone over 18, grant to businesses and low cost longer term loan to businesses. Today, HK virus cases is stable with a few inflow cases and all restricted area arrivals are quarantine for 14 days in government isolated facilities. Today, with stable cases, most people are back to work, people are slowly going out with health precaution in mind, school are schedule to be reopen soon after Easter holiday in April. Please note this is unprecedented crisis so a short term sacrifice for long term gain is a no brainier.

  • L GL G

    Author Reply

    Just adding to people's fears and anxiety. Millions will not be infected or die.

  • is this the number one cause of death now?

  • America has reported about 1,000 cases and 30 deaths. Assuming a death rate of 1% (1 in 100), the number of cases in america is probably around 3,000. Assuming a death rate of 0.1% (1 in 1,000), the number of cases in america is around 30,000. If 100 million americans are infected per year, the deaths will be about 1 million per year from covid 19 assuming a death rate of 1% (1 in 100).

  • Pandemic probably means most people will get covid 19. America can probably expect about 1 million deaths per year from covid 19 due to lots of poor americans with no access to health care.

  • This isn’t good

  • 💥 FYI – Lab Corp Headqtrs. (336)584-5171. Any Health Care Provider with a Lab Corp account can order the patient testing materials for CovID-19 online on Lab Corp's website. The CovID-19 testing code number is 139900. The swabs arrive in an orange topped tube. After specimen collection by a "medical professional", the swab handle portion needs to be cut down a bit, so that it can fit into the purple topped VTM viral transport tube. Specimens need to be refrigerated and are good for up to 72 hours, however, freezing is preferred. Pricing for the test is yet to be determined, however Lab Corp. Is accepting samples and they ARE currently being processed (typically 2-3 days).

    If health care providers throughout the country immediately ordered Lab Corp testing materials we can start getting everyone with symptoms tested. The CDC's lab capacity is insufficient! It's time to by pass the CDC and use private labs to get testing done RIGHT NOW!!!

  • Tedros must resign! Add your name to the petition at "Change dot ohh arr gee".

  • So we should finally believe it's a pandemic because now it has been declared so?

  • https://youtu.be/jiMXK9eDrMY

  • Funny how the term pandemic was never attached to the FLU which killed 650,000 last year.

  • This reminds me of the movie " War Of the worlds " . we might actually be aliens !

  • Even our death will have a “Made in China” label on it.

  • 3,300,000 (Three million three hundred thousand) people died in 2019 in the USA from peanut allergies. Just saying 🙂

  • Someone at my work today came coughing… he said he was recovering from FLU. Coughed all day.

  • Bat soup ??????

  • Global warming: everybody is afraid of me. I love this!
    Coronavirus: I’m about to end this man’s whole career

  • Blow wow