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Customize Ubuntu 18.04: How to make Ubuntu 18.04 look like macOS

Link to website: Install Tweak tool: sudo apt-get install -y gnome-tweak-tool Install Extensions for …


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  • I not can get walpaper

  • am not able to download the files which you downloaded

  • gdm highsierra is not working giving error at script execution.
    no such file or directory.
    no process found

  • why you dont show how to put the buttons at the left side? because its not possible? in ubuntu 14.04 its not a problem, i hate buttons at the right side

  • Ugly techno crab for smal kids NEXT

  • If you're using gnome for something like that, you're already doing it wrong.

  • Not getting the exact files on the description link 1 but managed everything very well. Great work brother.

  • thanks mate it's working <y>

  • some files you downloaded from the website are missing

  • So much helpful.
    Thanks a lot for your efforts.
    God bless you.

  • Only reason I want a Mac is for its window animations when opening and closing. And yes I'm aware of Compiz but I cannot for the life of me customize it and cannot find a tutorial anywhere. So, here we go let's sell a lung!

  • How did you have that wallpaper of lock screen

  • That's the Best part about open source systems…No end to customisations

  • Why does it make it look like Yosemite and higher and not Mavericks and lower? Yosemite and higher have those boring Flat Graphics and not Modern looking 3-D graphics like Mavericks and lower used that is what mad Mac OS unique and what most people associate Apple with.

  • woah amazing modding, looks cool at the end

  • You can make a tutorial like this but with the dark mac theme?

  • Love you

  • Excellent video! Simple to follow.
    Totally loved the final output. Thanks a ton

  • R. V.R. V.

    Author Reply

    I hate contemporary Biber-ucking Generation music!

  • Nice tutorial for Linux tweaks

  • How does the machine perform? has it diminished a little or has no impact?

  • Can i do it ?? In the kali linux???

  • Good Job bro you did amazing work. My Ubuntu is now mac i am happy with the theme.

  • how to undo this

  • Very cool turtorial👍

  • Use Deepin instead, it has a dock that makes sense and it doesn't spy on you. You can make it look like MacOS too, but you would look like a nerd who wants to be a hipster, but doesn't have enough money to do so, so he/she has to use his/her nerd abilities to pretend having a Crapple product. And that's just sad. MacOS is terrible, especially now. After snow leopard, MacOS has become less secure, less functional and less stable. Use a better distro and don't make your laptop look like a Crapple MacBook, I mean, what's next? Sticking a white apple sticker on your laptop's lid? That's sad. You want a laptop that looks cool and thin and is made of aluminum, which has better specs than a MacBook and the same size and feel but has a keyboard that actually works, and costs less than a MacBook? Get an HP.

  • nice music mate 🙂

  • vietnam

  • After customization I cannot add language input method to the top bar..Even the extension shows error..How can I add that input meth shortcut icon on top bar?

  • You have got a new subscriptor.

  • Great vídeo bro. Congratulations

  • I cant find fonts folder in .local/share. Any help?

  • Now how to uninstall this theme?

  • ShogaShoga

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    It's that music again….