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Fix : Windows 10 Activation Fail Error 0x803f7001, 0xC004F074, 0x8007007B

This Tutorial helps to Fix : Windows 10 Activation Fail Error 0x803f7001, 0xC004F074, 0x8007007B

The Following Errors Addressed to:

0xc004f050, 0x80070002-0x20016,
0xC004C003, 0xC004C060, 0xC004C4A2,
0xC004C4A2, 0x803FA067L, 0xC004C001,
0xC004C004, 0xC004F004, 0xC004C007,
0xC004F005, 0xC004C00F, 0xC004C010,
0xC004C00E, 0xC004C4A4, 0xC004C4A5,
0xC004B001, 0xC004F010, 0xC004F050,
0xC004F034, 0xC004F210, 0xC004E016,
0xC004FC03, 0xC004E028, 0x8007267C,
0xD0000272, 0xC0000272, 0xc004C012,
0xC004C013, 0xC004C014, 0xC004C008,
0xC004C770, 0x803FA071

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  • Hello, I followed your steps sir on no. 1 and it was successful, I restart it and the ''activate your windows logo'' was gone on the desktop. Is it already working? because when i checked in the control panel, it says that windows is not activated. I tried to clicked the activate windows, it shows this red notice ''We can't activate Windows on this device as we can't connect to your organization's activation server. Error code: 0xC004f074''. Could you enlighten me please? I really need to fix it so I can personalize my sound setting. Thanks for your feedback.

  • I bought new laptop with Windows 10 and same time it asking activate windows with the logo on desktop
    What to do?

  • Thankyoooouuu

  • Bahi mera 3rd wala error h konsa option follow karu

  • when i type slmgr -rearm it says error 0xC004F025 Access denied: the request action requires elevated privileges . pls help

  • first thing worked thx3>

  • worked perfectly for me

  • omg thanks! but the question is.. does it have an expiration? thanks for the respond! :3

  • error: 0xc0000022 slui.exe 0x2a 0xc0000022 :(((

  • Osm

  • after activation will all my files gone?

  • "some of these characters cant appear in the product key"

  • It is comming as 'slmgr' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file

  • i have been struggling for 5months and i finally found the solution thanks so much!

  • Your product key didn't work at all

  • Thanks a lot bro.

  • it sayes you have to conncet to the org… sever.

  • doesn't work

  • Thank you very much sir help me a lot.

  • Didn’t work…
    I follow all 3 steps…

  • Thanku ❤️❤️❤️

  • how to search the product key please send me any particular website