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Full Linux Tutorial: Go from Beginner to Advanced with RedHat Linux and CentOS

Learning Linux for free gets no easier than this full Linux tutorial! Go from a beginner to advanced level with RedHat Linux and CentOS all in this complete free video course! Start with an introduction to Linux including why learn Linux and then go deep with 7+ hours of HD video lectures. Take our Linux course free at

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5:07 What can you gain by learning Linux? An introduction to the free video course.
19:50 How to get more help, answers to your questions about Linux, and where you can contact Ermin.
22:25 Procedure to download, install, and configure your Oracle VirtualBox on Windows. Get Linux running on your existing Windows computer as a virtual machine or on any supported system with VirtualBox by Oracle including Mac, Windows, BSD, and many others!
34:47 Where to download RedHat Enterprise Linux and CentOS. Create your virtual machine.
52:52 Starting the installation procedure beginning with clicking on the RedHat icon.
1:07:29 The installation processes is complete now and what to do next to begin using RedHat Linux and CentOS starting with a reboot then licensing information.
1:25:09 See that the VirtualBox guest additions have installed and begin working with your dual boot RedHat with Windows. Screen capture showing the initial login.
1:43:51 Installation completed as planned and continuing into using the dual boot with RedHat and Windows on the Oracle VM VirtualBox. A look at disc management.
1:52:06 Entering the RedHat Graphical User Interface (GUI). Where is what in RedHat Linux? Settings you can only change while the machine is off.
2:02:11 Overview of the applications available in RedHat Linux starting with the system monitor and going through utilities, system tools, and other.
2:15:48 Begin using the Linux command line interface starting with a successful mindset you can use to learn the command line!
2:32:02 Change direction command (cd), clear terminal, clear screen, list (ls) command, and print working directory (pwd) command.
2:46:11 Where are your files in Linux and how do you find them with commands? Use the command “man” which gives you the user manual, help, find, locate, and updatedb.
3:05:57 How to change and setup the file and folder ownership and permissions. The commands shown include cat and chmod.
3:19:57 Instruction on how to change the ownership of a file from one user to another. Usage of the chown command.
3:28:45 How to move, delete, and copy files in RedHat Linux. Use the rm command, move as mv, and copy as cp. Unlike deleting in Windows, you are not likely to get the file back when you use rm to delete.
3:41:43 Linux commands for beginners looking at the text editing commands grep, pipe, echo, and cat.
4:00:38 In this tutorial, learn about the default packet manager in RedHat Linux and CentOS.
4:20:17 See how to use the Yum packet manager which will be very helpful to learn for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam.
4:34:54 Red Hat Package Manager RPM used also by Fedora and CentOS. Using nmap to find the address quickly.
4:42:35 Congratulations in finishing the RedHat Linux and CentOS! What can you do to get 10+ hours more HD video lectures on RHL? Watch to find out!
4:46:02 Introduction to Linux!
4:48:27 Oracle VirtualBox environment installation in Mac or Windows.
4:57:26 Alternate option to install Oracle VirtualBox.
5:12:28 Downloading and installing Kali Linux.
6:14:23 Introduction to the Linux command line in Kali Linux.
6:23:59 Linux command line interface (CLI) basics in Kali Linux.
6:38:03 Control O to save a file and continued Kali Linux CLI basics.

You can use this screencast video to help you prepare and pass the RedHat certified system administrator (RHCSA) exam and use Kali Linux. I hope you enjoyed the tricks for success with Linux in this video and you feel confident you could become a Linux admin now with applied learning on your own. If you are a network administrator seeking knowledge about Red Hat Linux, I value your feedback as to whether this video was helpful!

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