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Getting Set Up With Nextcloud (The EASY Way) | Linux Literate

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Follow along with the written tutorial:

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# Common questions:
What distro(s) do you use?
* Office PC: Manjaro GNOME
* Laptop: Manjaro GNOME
* GPD WIN 2: Manjaro GNOME
* Steam Machine: Ubuntu 16.10
* Server: Ubuntu 18.04

# What do you use to edit your videos?
Audio editing: Audacity
Video editing: KdenLive

# What are your machines specs?
Office Rig:
* AMD Ryzen 7 1800x
* AMD Vega 64
* 16 GB RAM
* Manjaro GNOME

Steam Machine:
* Intel Core i7 at 3.8 GHz
* Nvidia GTX 970 4GB
* 12 GB RAM
* Ubuntu 16.10 w/ Steam Compositor

Backup Rig:
* Intel Core i5 at 3.4 GHz
* Nvidia GTX 750 Ti
* 8 GB of RAM

* AMD FX 6300 at 3.5 GHz
* Nvidia GTX 750 1GB
* 8 GB RAM

Funky Choon (a.k.a. The Linux Gamer Theme Song) by Brothers Nylon

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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  • How did you get video converter working, Error converting even though ffmpeg is installed,.

  • Thank you! I've been looking for a simple-to-understand tutorial. I'm super new to this stuff.

  • I get an error when creating an https. I get "No valid IP addresses found for domainname"

  • I get an error when creating an https. I get "No valid IP addresses found for domainname"

  • Wow. So much work for something so simple.

  • how would I move my next cloud install to new location say a different drive because i have my os on a small SSD and I want move nextcloud to the larger hard drive

  • Did it! Done! It was a SNAP! Thanks for the video.

  • im currently setting up a testing server basically and i have everything reverse proxied through nginx .
    can nextcloud be reverse proxied through nginx?

    i tried reverse proxy yacy but idk it just messed up . it went through but it didn't look like it should

  • This tutorial was much needed… Thanks bruh

  • Could you do a video on setting up backup for both the data, the user database and the settings/apps/etc database? Would be much appreciated. For instance to another box I own that is in another house

  • Great video Gardiner!!! You should think about doing also a video about performance improving for NextCloud. There are a few things one can do, in a few easy steps, to optimize their webserver for NextCloud performance.
    (Increase cache limit, apcu caching, php-fpm)
    The benefits in performance are astounding.
    Also because a few people coming from dropbox and whatnot, might complain a little for the media streaming speed of their nextcloud, and that can EASILY be fixed 🙂
    Keep up with the good stuff man 👍🏻

  • Works great! Added NextCloud to my Openmediavault NAS. Note: First step should be 'sudo apt install snapd'.

  • 11+ minutes of video and the actual time spent on nextcloud config was less than one. On top of that you barely covered anything on nextcloud. You just talk too much!

  • Snap seems great for INSTALL, BUT now I cannot edit nextcloud to increase MAX File Upload, Can you give any recommendation on how to do this? instructions? thanks

  • Thanks for video you have video on increasing upload file size on a cPanel hosted nextcloud?

  • for ssl cerificate i cant type full email gets to a window wall and just replaces last letter i typed.

  • I need redundancy. I need to have one server in my house and another one at my parents house, and be sure that all my stuff is available even if internet is down on one location. When next cloud offers this, I'll be all in.

  • Great vid, Great voice, great personality. First video of yours I've seen, instant subscribe


    Why? WHY? WHIEEE!? Google is saying this is a patched issue for 2017. No. No it's not.

  • Would there be any added security to setting up a sonicwal or other vpn, then accessing it like it was a local network resource?

    I might be able to get around using a domain that way.

  • Tim BTim B

    Author Reply

    Thank you so much for this. I have been dicking with owncloud for 5 hours now and just installed this. You made a good point, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  • peeppeep

    Author Reply

    one does not simply, sudo su
    thou shall sudo bash

  • I set this up today and was planning to use it for both work and home but my work proxy blocks my custom domain name. Oh well looks like for some things I want at work I will have to rely on my current solution of encrypting before uploading to Dropbox.

  • point your nameservers at cloudflare for caching and other features

  • Just FYI, www.heavyelement.io doesn't point to your site. Maybe you should add that CNAME record. Or is that on purpose.

    Best, Maxwell