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Git Tutorial For Beginner #1 – Install Git On Windows/Linux System

How To Install Git On Windows Or Linux? Here Is The Answer! This Video Lecture Will Guide You On How To Install And Setup Git On Windows As Well As Linux System

Install Git On Windows :

Install Git On Linux:


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  • Man, i now use Windows instead of Ubuntu, but I use a separate drive for system and "space" could you make a tutorial to build from a external storage ?

  • while making device tree and building rom use redmi note prime gucci for building a new rom or device tree
    all knows how to make a custom rom by using xda

    but for redmi note prime Gucci Snapdragon is still on kitkat and no one can develop an build

    so its better to use redmi note prime gucci

    kernel source : https://github.com/MiCode/Xiaomi_Kernel_OpenSource/tree/gucci-kk-oss

    If ur really want to do videos about please do it for this device