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Hacking Android Device with FatRat Kali Linux (2019). (Tech an Code)

In this video u will learn,Hacking Android Device with FatRat Kali Linux (2019).

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  • why the apk goes to the root file and I got permission denied that I cant get the apk file

  • Why in thefatrat file backdoored file are not located

  • Sir, my apk file is not located.

  • who ever is having technical difficulties just download it as a zip and don’t download it using git clone that’s too get the uninstalled packages

  • meterpreter session 1 closed . reason:dead
    i don't know why it close ????

  • how can i reconnect with that hacked device if i Shoudown my computer and i want to reconnect then what can i do

  • help me in this error

    [*] Running backdoor-apk.sh v0.2.4a on Tue 10 Dec 2019 09:24:46 AM IST
    [+] Android manifest permission options:

    Keep original
    Merge with payload and shuffle
    [?] Please select an Android manifest permission option: 2
    [] Decompiling original APK file…done.
    [] Locating smali file to hook in original project…done.
    [+] Package where RAT smali files will be injected: com/cdroid/dominoes
    [+] Smali file to hook RAT payload: com/cdroid/dominoes/DominoContext.smali
    [] Generating RAT APK file…done.
    [] Decompiling RAT APK file…done.
    [] Merging permissions of original and payload projects…done.
    [] Injecting helpful Java classes in RAT APK file…done.
    [] Creating new directory in original package for RAT smali files…done.
    [+] Inject package path: com/cdroid/dominoes/vdulu
    [+] Generated new smali class name for MainBroadcastReceiver.smali: Sehyt
    [+] Generated new smali class name for MainService.smali: Gotyt
    [+] Generated new smali class name for Payload.smali: Xbhxd
    [+] Generated new smali class name for StringObfuscator.smali: Wxuit
    [+] Generated new smali method name for StringObfuscator.obfuscate method: vjchy
    [+] Generated new smali method name for StringObfuscator.unobfuscate method: ysgxs
    [] Copying RAT smali files to new directories in original project…done.
    [] Fixing RAT smali files…done.
    [] Obfuscating const-string values in RAT smali files…done.
    [] Adding hook in original smali file…done.
    [] Adding persistence hook in original project…done.
    [] Recompiling original project with backdoor…done.
    date: invalid date ‘Sat Sep 26 20:51:24 2511’
    [] Generating RSA key for signing…done.
    [] Signing recompiled APK…done.
    [] Verifying signed artifacts…done.
    [*] Aligning recompiled APK…done.
    [!] Failed to align recompiled APK

  • how can i mix the virus with a real application

  • Sir lhost main vitcm ke ip dain gay na

  • Next time choose a pleasing music n lower volume. It makes viewers irritating and angry!! Btw good instruction but wuld be better if you test on real phone not on virtual.

  • Does this work if the android device is not connected on the same wifi?

  • it's osm sir, really ur great

  • Its really working ……..thnxxx sirjji.