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Hidden Features of Content-Aware Scale in Photoshop – Magically Extend Background

Stretch your photos without any distortion using the Content-Aware Scale and utilizing some of its awesome Hidden Features. Also, learn the tricks to hack the tool and use it to your advantage. In this video, we are going to learn the Content-Aware Scale in-depth and discover some of its amazing features and loopholes.

1. Yellow Flowers in Vase:
2. Businessman Close-up:
3. Girl on Beach:
4. Woman with Scarf:

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The Content-Aware Scale by itself does a fantastic job of recognizing the important objects in the photo and only stretched the blurred areas or seamless areas, like the out-of-focus background or the sky. This helps in stretching the background (not the subject) to fit today’s sizes, like, Facebook cover, YouTube channel art etc. But just like any other automatic tools in Photoshop, it has its own limitations. To counter those limitations, the tools also comes bundled with some hidden or hard to find featured. In this video, out main focus would be on those features where you can tell Photoshop which objects are important and which are not. We will also find ways to make the most out of the tool by tricking it into thinking something which would work for our own advantage.



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  • Bro it doesn’t allow me to click content aware scale

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    2019 version:
    If you are cropping and getting an annoying white background, then just without cropping, hold shift then drag the image, a popup will open up saying convert to a new layer, click on that. it'll give you a transparent background. Then you can crop and continue.

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  • Content Aware scale used to work for me in 2019 version, I followed the exact steps in 2020 version, did not work, it stretches weirdly and I tried this in multiple images.

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  • Hey bro Content Aware scale isn't highlighted in my adobe CC 2018. Like the way you are doing easily – Edit > Content Aware Scale ! It's not Highlighted mean I'm not able to select it