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HOC IG- Automatic HOC (Information Gathering) Tool

HOC IG- Automatic HOC (Information Gathering) Tool

You do not add to Library, it automatically detects and Run

Here you go..

HOCig is our first ever tool on GitHub.

Here you will find
Get Header Information
Get SSL Certificate Information
Get Whois Lookup
Get Sub-domain website
Crawl Target Website (includes Email, Sub-domain, File Type)
How To Install
git clone

cd HOCig

python hocig.py


HOCig our first ever tool on GitHub, please give your feedback.

Currently, we are working on its second version, where you will get more features.

If you get any error please do not hesitate to send an email on info@hackersonlineclub.com and Keep Subject “HOC Tool” info.

Keep Visiting Hackersonlineclub (HOC) for more updates..

Video by Team Hackers Online Club


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