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How to configure Firewall on Linux Mint (Ubuntu)

To configure firewall on Linux Mint, we have the command line utility Ufw or graphical user interface Gufw. In this video, we’ll see to configure Firewall with Gufw.

Under Preference, Open Firewall configuration. Enable it, and add firewall rule for incoming and outgoing traffic. To add rule , select + button. Under preconfigured tab, select the application or service that you want to set the rule for. You can also set the rule for any IP over lan under advanced setting. After adding this close the firewall.

Make sure your main incoming and outgoing firewall setting is allowed, otherwise it will not follow the added rule and your all incoming and outgoing traffic will be blocked. This is only required in the case when you need high level of security in a network.

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  • Why is it that you never can get someone that speaks English on explaining the firewall on Linux Mint,all this guy does is,um,um,um and clicks on every setting and never gets to the point….The description doesn't match the settings…..I don't want to Allow all the traffic threw the firewall to get Hack…….OMG! What an Idiot! In other videos they explain how to hack you on your operating system……I thought this was based on Security,but it is not…And I have been a programmer for 18 years.

  • You helped me alot! Thank you man!

  • Thanks for explaining
    how to manage the firewall. Where can I learn
    "What do I need to protect" my Linux Mint 18.2?
    And hopefully also "Why do I have to protect that".

  • como desativA

  • I have the firewall preferences , I do not understand English if I could answer with Spanish would be good thanks

  • Very helpful. Thank you!
    Just one remark: In Mint17 I did not have gufw installed by default, but had to install it first.

  • I could use a link for FirewallD.  Can anyone provide it.

  • He configured that correctly. That rule will deny any incoming connection for thoset 20 ip's ( to .120) on the 22 port. But I really don't know if that rule will deny the "answer" packets, you know, if he starts the connection first to for example on the port 22.

  • I think that advanced rules is configured incorrectly

  • Thanks. Well done and simple….-Brian (from the We(s)t Coast of Canada

  • It's Gufw , which is already present in Linux Mint. If it's not there on your system you can install it with the command : sudo apt-get install gufw

  • Do you know what's the name of this firewall or how to get it?