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How to Configure YUM Repository in Linux Step By Step (Centos/Redhat 6) Part-1

How to Configure YUM Repository in Linux step By step (Centos/Redhat 6).This video will show you how to configure Yum server on Linux.Configure the local yum Repository on system.YUM stand for (Yellowdog Updater Modified) is an opensource command line package management tool which is available for Redhat and other Linux systems.Yum allow system administrator to install,update and uninstall packages from linux systems.YUM Repositories contains the Linux RPM package.YUM Repositories hold the RPM package files and enable download and installation of new software on our systems. YUM Repositories can hold RPM package files locally i.e on local disk or remotely like on FTP or HTTP.


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  • Really very nicely explained…. Appreciate all your efforts👍👍

  • how to update YUM local if i need to update to new version or missing package i need to copy

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  • Good Explanation. I stumble upon a problem while yum installing packages like "Found 3 pre-existing rpmdb problems and it lists 3 packages". How do I solve them?

  • supbb explanation…..

  • Very good video

    What is the software used to record the audio and screen plz

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  • Crystal clear explanation. Thank you so much..!!