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How to Dual Boot Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10 [2019]

Dual boot means you can have more than one operating system in one system and you can choose which OS you want to use at the boot time.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to install Ubuntu 18.04 alongside Windows 10 in dual boot. This way you’ll get to use both Ubuntu Linux and Windows on the same system.

In my opinion, dual booting Ubuntu with Windows is the best way to enjoy both the operating system on the true hardware which is not possible if you use either of Windows or Ubuntu Linux on a virtual machine.

Newer computers and newer Ubuntu versions support secure UEFI boot so you don’t have to disable fast boot or secure boot anymore. Installing Ubuntu and Windows in the same system has become a lot easier and hassle free.

However, I recommend making a backup of your data on an external hard disk, keep a Windows 10 bootable USB or a Grub repair disk with you to avoid any unfortunate events while dealing with partitions and boot settings.

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-Ubuntu download:
-Etcher for making live USB:
-Swap size discussion –
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Lập Trình Linux
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  • After dual booting, your system will boot into Ubuntu by default (if you don't select the OS manually). If you want, you can make Windows the default OS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yp0dM-tsRl0

  • thank you so much

  • Also, for HP users: Usually, it creates some problem preventing you from going ahead, if yo select the option of 'Install Ubuntu without trying'. It is always better to select 'Try Ubuntu' and then use the install Ubuntu application to install Ubuntu on to the computer. (Necessary for both dual boot and single boot)

  • Etcher is the worst bootable usb maker i have ever used, made my usb unusable i use rufus

  • Thank you so much buddy..! ❤️

  • Hi, I am not getting the black window where it gives the option to choose windows or Ubuntu. It automatically launches Ubuntu. What should I do? There are a lot of data in my windows system.

  • Nice. Very helpful.

  • Will doing this lead to losing my hard drive on windows?

  • Thank you for the tutorial.

  • I tried f7 f8 f10 f12 and it never shows the boot menu, please help

  • The free space selection at the installation stage says that it's 'unusable'. Can you please help? I'm stuck 😅

  • Hello there. I had about about 600gb of free space remaining on my hard drive. I partitioned it equally and gave ubuntu 300gb and left windows with 300gb. However during installation I unfortunately selected – Install ubuntu along side windows boot loader and continued till I finished. It run after completing but I wanted to install ubuntu in that 300gb of free space I created not along side my windows. I've used ubuntu OS unistaller to successfully uninstall ubuntu from my C drive where windows is. However ubuntu is still taking up the space it was using before I uninstalled it. C drive was 300gb before I installed ubuntu, it become 160gb after installing ubuntu along windows and even after removing ubuntu using OS unistaller using, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OS-Uninstaller it still remains 160gb.

    How do I return my C drive to having 300gb of free space again before ubuntu install, cos even after removing ubuntu it still has 160gb of free space?

  • Thank you

  • Hi I am using a toshiba laptop and I do not see the try ubuntu without installing or any of the options after restarting while spamming f2 being in the bios

  • I tried your method and i tried ubuntu without installing, after that my ssd is not showing up on bios… please help meee

  • Fat32 supports only till 4GB I guess, why you choose that ?

  • vdnvdn

    Author Reply

    so do we have to have the usb in at all times in order to run ubuntu

  • Kindly help
    After installation it is not restarting and hanged.

  • I have 2 Hard drives and ssd drive on my pc

  • Very helpful. Thank you for uploading this!

  • When i am in ubuntu environment do i need to have a internet connection to install the the ubuntu?

  • Where did u find "bionic amd64" file?

  • Hey Mate, Many thanks!!!! that works well !

  • Hey, great tutorial so far.
    This might be a silly question, but At 2:10, when you're partitioning space on your hard disk, it looks like you right click on "223.50 GB NTFS…" in OS (C:). On my laptop, when I hover over it, it doesn't indent like the one below it (in your case "Healthy (Boot…") does. If I right click on my equivalent of 223.50 NTFS will it still work? Thank you!

  • Nice video 🙂
    Currently having my "new" (refurbished) laptop aside because I got it with preinstalled windows 10. Meant to replace my older laptop. I tried the automatic option on it before- trying to do Antix (already installed) & Xubuntu (added) – but ended up getting neither to work… (wiped Antix clean and installed Xubuntu).

    Funny, I didn't even want Windows.

  • i could install but, now i am getting BitLocker recovery screen when i boot with windows

  • Some small indian guy with a linux wallpaper. Running WINDOWS

    Ya'll se the problem?

  • CGMeCGMe

    Author Reply

    Thank you! This worked very well.
    My suggestion to anyone trying to do this (this is from someone that failed miserably the first time I ever tried this — months ago):
    1. Shrink your drive before restarting and attempting to install Linux. Not doing so led to Linux Mint not being able to install itself next to my copy of Windows.
    2. Try not to install Linux on a separate drive from Windows. You can do this, but I only experienced issues doing it this way.

  • Thanks for the detailed explanation. It made my work a lot easier.

  • How long do I have to press F10. I keep pressing it on my lenovo and the boot menu does not appear! Can somebody help me

  • Thanks

  • For hp users press f9

  • How to put linux in that free space i've created??

  • Can somebody help me? What should I do if it do not recognise windows??

  • Thank you very much ❤️❤️❤️

  • It's not working for my Acer… Having a problem while booting(Doesn't show the ubuntu option). Any suggestions?

  • How do I fix by usb drive after completing the installation?

  • how can i solve squashfs error … help??

  • Please i use a 256gig hard drive, but when i lauch the disk managme….t, and try shrinking even though i have 123 gig of free space, i am given a maximum shrinking space of 3gig. Please help me out

  • bro u r also fan of age of empires waav

  • Like for Age of Empires

  • One of the best Linux setup tutorials

  • did anyone understand what to do re "bionic-desktop-amd64 file" like Mudita…i was confused, now I am trying to "flash it"…as suggested by Jyotish…and I hav no idea what hes talking about!!! Anyone shed some light on this. You might have gathered I am a newbie to all this!!!

  • J*kerJ*ker

    Author Reply

    Can i use this method to install ubuntu on another drive rather than making a partition in drive used by Windows already?

  • Mr. MMr. M

    Author Reply

    Can I do this with any linux distro?

  • Really good! I'm 14 and I succesefully made a 128 GB SSD to dual boot 😆! I'm so happy and proud of me 😂😂😂. Thanks for the tutorial !