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How To Dual Boot Ubuntu And Kali Linux | Step By Step Explained

This Is The Easiest Way To Dual Boot Ubuntu And Kali Linux. Step By Step Explained.

Make Sure You follow all The Steps Carefully. So Watch Full Video.

↑ Basic Requirement For Dual Booting ↑
1.A PC or Laptop With Ubuntu Installed
2.USB (minimum 8 GB ) Or A DVD
3.Kali Linux .ISO File
4.Ubuntu .ISO File
5.Unnetbootin {Software}

↑ Download Links ↑
1.Ubuntu .iso :
2. Kali Linux .iso :
3. Unnetbootin Installation Command

-sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gezakovacs/ppa
-sudo apt-get update
-sudo apt-get install unetbootin

Note: The Software that I used For making my USB/DVD bootable is Only A Suggestion. You Can Use Any Software For These Purpose.

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  • hi, thanks for the video, i am looking to install Fedora and Parrot lite on my second HDD (primary is using the windows), do you suggest if i will be able to do it without any issues or if you recommend something please?

  • i already have kali installed but i wanna install ubuntu without changing the grub background.. cuz u know kali's is hot, is it possible?

  • My screen just went black after finishes installation then it tried booting into Ubuntu but it just a black screen

  • Nice… It's interesting that you use ubuntu on a flash drive before you roll out with kali… I'm curious as to why you didn't just launch GParted from your regular ubuntu station…

  • Hi All .. if you are watching for your dual boot capabilities and having some trouble.
    I battled for 4 days to get this right and I will like to share with you the simple steps.

    Please follow this steps.
    First and foremost format your USB drive to FAT32 using the Windows OS
    1. Use a Windows OS and install Rufus
    2. Download the necessary ISO files – in this case Kali Linux [latest version ] – I used the x64bit version
    3. Use Rufus to create the Kali Linux boot disk.

    This is all.

    I failed in my previous attempts because I used unetbootin and I did format the USB drive using the Windows OS

    Wish you all the best.

  • Does this work with CloverOS and BlackArch?

  • Will try it. But i don't know why, if i do it, one or another error always comes up

  • Stupid

  • command lines are blocked

  • VarunVarun

    Author Reply

    kya chutiya video h yr

  • I want to remove it completely to install a new linux os. How can I do this?

  • Not having enough space on /dev/sda1 .. can I go forward with /dev/sda2 ?

  • Thanks, Dr. Stephen Hawking.

  • why is a 8gb flash drive necessary ? why didn't the flash drive show up on the grub installation screen?

  • I have used only 18 GB of my SSD but in Gparted it says only 48MB is free? Is it because while installing Ubuntu I encrypted my SSD? Please help.

  • you are not god and you will never you just live from th knowleg of others

  • i just have a question, i have been using linux mint, i have files and stuff, by dual booting mint and kali, is there a risk that i can loose my files or not ? thanks

  • should I create a separate boot partition for kali? to avoid kernel mixing?

  • Thank you so much

  • CyberGod i need you your help with the (resizing/move) it wont let me resize my usb and u cant find my usb location on it. Sorry for the spam

  • Ok so I’m all ready on Ubuntu but you are on it to but you said to install Ubuntu and the make space then you’ll get kali linux… I’m confuse

  • Your voice is so seductive…😋

  • If i all ready had ubuntu but dont got kali linux do i staill have to install the os for ubuntu?!

  • JTJT

    Author Reply

    Could I do this with mint installed as my OS?

  • Hey I gave Kali 20GB but now I want to give it 20GB more, how to do it?

  • Wow, worked like a charm!!

  • Thank you i just installed both OS on my laptop. Highly Recommended

  • There's only one issue with this. Unetbootin doesn't let you make a Kali bootable USB. Kali is not in the drop down list of distributions. I am hoping I'm wrong but you said to use the same process for Kali as you did for Ubuntu which isn't possible.

  • LuffyLuffy

    Author Reply

    Works well.

  • THANKS A LOT!!!😀😀😀😀This trick worked for me:))).Keep up the awesome work 😀👍👍

  • THANKS A LOT!!!😀😀😀😀This trick worked for me:))).Keep up the awesome work 😀👍👍

  • thanks a lot but can i use two usb keys
    hope my english is clear

  • hi cybergod i got some doubts. why at the moment of fragmenting the disk you do it from the installation of ubuntu? you can't do that that from the usual ubuntu desktop ?

  • thank you ………

  • i have ubuntu installed in my system… should i follow the same procedure for dual booting it with window 8 or 10??

  • There is logo of VMWare in your video…. Did u installed kali in your virtual box or in your host machine??

  • Does it work even if I installed Ubuntu in UEFI mode?

  • Thanks for this video, i'm wanna try this later, if i have a problem in this dual boot instalation, i will message you, one more time, thank you 🙂

  • hey how to customize linux terminal by name. please give a tutorial. when I try it bash erroor 116,117 maybe. please help