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How to enable flash in Google Chrome

Chrome comes built in with it’s own version of Flash, you are not required to install a separate plugin to enable Flash in Chrome. Follow the steps shown in this video about how to enable flash in Google Chrome

1. Go to content settings:
● Content settings can be reached from the options tab in chrome, under ‘settings’.
● Alternatively one can use “Chrome://settings/content” in the address bar to access content settings.

2. Select the flash tab:
● Scroll down the content settings tab
● Select the ‘JavaScript’ option
● Select ‘flash’ tab under ‘JavaScript’

3. Turn off blocked settings:
● Under the flash tab, turn off the “Block sites from running flash” option which is usually on by default.
● The setting now gets changed to “Ask first”.
● Now when you visit a site with flash content, chrome asks permission to activate flash for that site.

4. Activating flash for a website:
Once you have changed the settings in your chrome, it is necessary to try out the flash option in a website that runs flash content.
● Go to any website that runs flash content. Websites with flash games are the best option.
● Upon entering the page with flash content, there occurs a blank page with a puzzle icon and and option to activate flash.
● Select the activate flash options
● Chrome send a pop up asking permission to enable flash for the website.
● Click on ‘yes’ option.
● The page reloads with the flash content on full display now.

Note: the flash content needs to be enabled only once for each website. Once running flash is allowed for one website, any page on that website will be able to run the flash plug in and display their content automatically.

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  • Easier way is to just click on the lock symbol to the left of the URL in your address bar, once clicked a small notification window will appear, if you are on a site that needs flash to run.. it will appear as an option there. If you know you need to activate flash but the option does not appear in the small notification window that pops up, then click the site settings option in there and then inside the site settings window that opens in another tab, scroll down to find the flash setting. Click to allow, and then refresh the page you are attempting to use with flash and you should be good to go! 🙂