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How to Fix Detect and Mount CD-ROM [Kali Linux 2018.1]

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  • no such file or directory
    .what is happening

  • Use Win32DiskImager, to boot the pendrive. It will solve the CD-ROM Error.

  • Do you install kali linux on usb?
    So,first click the execute the shell end put the "blkid".
    and find your disk.
    And put the mount -t vfat /dev/s@@@ /cdrom.
    If this is not the case.
    Run the window @.
    And download the Win32 disk imager utility,kali linux ISO image.
    Download Win32 disk imager : https://launchpad.net/win32-image-writer
    And Writing.
    And rebooting.
    If your computer just boots.
    1. Joined your bios.
    2. Joined menu 'boot'
    3. Joined menu 'boot sequence'
    4. And Change the computer boot order.

    Enjoy 🙂

  • Lola

  • The problem is a wireless USB (keyboard and mouse) plug out when you click the install 🙂

  • When using rufus.. Use dd image instead iso..100% works

  • Use rufus and select dd

  • waste of time

  • hy!!!! plzz help me I getting error retry reading cd rom or use intergit** cd rom when I'm selection intergit cd rom again same show any commad ?????

  • I got stuck on the next step system says cant load installer… =(

  • Still doesn't work

  • ShakyShaky

    Author Reply

    failed: device or resource busy, helpppp

  • Not fixes after exit it shows same issue cd rom not mount

  • i have faced aal these issue tried everything ..then make usb bootable with "Disk Image Writer " in my old kali & it worked lke a charm

  • I did that. I mounted the disk to cdrom successfuly but still not working with same problem! Plz help!

  • Not working

  • thx this worked for me

  • Just reject and plug back, your computer will mount it as good.

  • They didn't work

  • Sorry, but it's Not Working for me !!

  • Gandu saala

  • Not work

  • i try this all day and i got the same error m8 "device or resource busy" can some1 he lp?

  • Not working fool

  • Mine doesnt work after the blkid command type includes ntfs not a vfat and tried both onece said devince not found and oce said error

  • Not working

  • StopStop

    Author Reply

    Did all steps and it still doesn’t work

  • Testando….

  • Mount:mounting /dev/sdb1 on /CDROM failed: Device or resource busy. What to do?

  • JokerJoker

    Author Reply

    How to enable mouse point

  • Help pls:Mounting /dev/sdd1 on /cdrom failed: device or resource busy

  • Error is coming
    mount: mounting /dev/sdb1 on /cdrom failed: Invalid argument

  • thanks