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How to install AIO Boot and update to its new version?

AIO Boot is a user-friendly and easy to use tool. This article will guide you on how to install AIO Boot and update to its new version.

How to use?


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  • mình nạp boot aio 2.04 bị lỗi video ghi lại : https://youtu.be/rCW9BMq-FGA mong bạn chỉ giúp sửa lỗi

  • sao mình tích hợp Special Pack thành công rồi, nhưng vào Boot nó không có nhỉ?

  • it does not work for me. The windows logo appears, followed by a black screen
    .i tried win10 win8 win7 and the same

  • Thanks…

  • Thanks you very very much,great piece of software and easy to use.now i have multiple operating system inside my usb flash drive! Tq!

  • I'm not seeing the creation of the Grub2.img, boot7 or autorun.inf files on my USB drive after running auto partition or installing the Grub2 boot loader in Windows 8. The boot packages are copied to the AOI folder. But the USB stick won't book and the Grub menu doesn't appear.

  • Actually the question is that updated version of AIOboot is loading too long and everything in it as well. Should I go to older version?

  • I cannot comment in aioboot.com. is it my region issue?

  • hello guy how to boot from iscsi target

  • absolutely brilliant self contained windows 10 PXE app, and how all applications should be written, as in, self contained non destructive of the main installed OS…. and you even took the time to integrate QEMU for initial local testing of any iso etc, as i said , brilliant and well thought through…

    id contemplated trying to use the really old (but only real self contained working PXE option until now) generic https://www.slax.org/ PXE to PXE boot a zen iso to the new j4205 itx etc for home NAS use and testing , but now iv found your current and 2018 maintained live package, ill be trying to use your far superior and simple to use and setup usb based tiny PXE server from now on, many thanks…..

  • are you guys from Vietnam?