How to install Gameconfig (1.0.1737.0) Limitless Vehicles (2019) GTA 5 MODS

How to install Gameconfig Limitless Vehicles (2019) GTA 5 MODS

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*Mods used in video:

Gameconfig (1.0.1737.0) for Limitless Vehicles V19.0:

Heap Limit Adjuster (650 MB of heap!):

Packfile Limit Adjuster:

How to install Scripthookv & Native UI:

How to install OPEN IV:

**Other video links:

How to install ADDONPEDS Mod:

How to install SIMPLE TRAINER Mod Menu (2019):

How to Install MENYOO (2019):

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  • Thanks so much bruh, it helped big time. I kept on deleting my mods because the game would crush during story load… After watching this & applied every step… All mods are working fine.

  • If thats how you have your pants in real life thats pretty lame

  • For me the game always crashes from whom I have installed it

  • My game steady crashes after installing this. Any help?

  • Do I HAVE to delete my mods and scripts to install this?

  • its crazy how much shit you need to make these mods work. its never ending with more and more shit. like a never ending rabbit hole.

  • Help Plz cause i Heap and other file doesnt open up its not like a File its likw a White papper icon

  • Put on 2x speed

  • J4NiXJ4NiX

    Author Reply

    Thanks a lot you really helped me out! keep it up!

  • ı have this native 0x33DFF319A831E0CDB cant find

  • You are a beast, subscribed!

  • thanks bro you saved my life

  • My game dosen't crash anymore but everytime I go to the mission spot the cutscene dosen't trigger and I can't do the missions. please help me

  • It keeps saying couldn't find pattern#9

  • I don't understand one thing and that pissed me off, how I spawn some cars and after more cars that first cars become invalid models, where I make a mistake? Also, when I edit dlclist.xml, when I copy and paste line for some cars they are on the list but when I start the game, and exit to take a look of the dlclist, that line dissapear, should I delete some lines before I copy the next line for some car, can you make a video where you spawn few cars just to explain where we made a mistakes, please. Sorry for my bad english.

  • hey mate, when i click the the update rpf i dont get the copy to mod option what so ever, any idea?

  • Your slow mentally

  • Hey man I have Version(1.0.1868.1 so which gameconfig file size do I use to help increase ped/traffic size also including sea life too. I also have sea life mod that helps to increase the mammals to having more of them spawn underwater. But sometimes its like theirs hardly any I am currently using the gameconfig size (0.1x traffic 0.1xpeds)

  • What keybind do you press to open the config?

  • which traffic good for who habe a lot of save swaping cars !! like when i swap car and save it with persistance-mod
    17 cars at start my texture problem !! what i do ?

  • i am getting #9 error code occuring for package limitrer bro can you please help me out with it

  • T RT R

    Author Reply

    Whenever i run the game,it says unable to find the pattern.Please help!

  • DawvDawv

    Author Reply

    The game still crashes why

  • i try this for three time form the beginning and i am still stuck on the loading screen

  • I have done this and it is still crashing

  • I installed this, but now everytime i boot my game. I wait about 10 seconds and the colors just turn black, like blue and vibrant colors. then the game eventually freezes but i can still hear audio and button input still works.

  • I did this but my game still crashes. It will load but after about 10 minutes on the game it will just crash


    Author Reply

    I have problem its the police cars have lag

  • thank you soo much after more than 18 hours non stop ttryna fix this i finally got it thanks to you! i get an error, i fix that error and straight after i get another error after error after error i had to end up reinstalling my game

  • how can i open the mod menu in the game? i did everything in this video, but i can open it

  • I just need the unlimited add on game config, is this basically the same thing?

  • Or just story mode

  • Will this work with my lspdfr and ragepluginhook setup..

  • It works bro but the paint dont work is they a way where i can still visit los santos paint job

  • I can't download either Game config, nor Packfile because they are on a notepad

  • when i try to start my game it says "unable to find pattern #9 PackfileLimitAdjuster" please helppp

  • thanks man keep making great tutorials like this one : }

  • I lack update.rpf, do you know where I can get it?

  • Why am i getting the conflict error… And the camera cycle isn't editable

  • When i use it. Los santos custom door not opening. Why

  • Followed what you did and got GTA 5 mods working again. Turns out the pack I downloaded had 80+ vehicles so I definitely need the help installing this stuff. Thanks for you help 😀

  • i got it almost working i but PackfileLimitAdjuster says unable to find pattern