How to Install GameConfig for GTA 5 (GTA Gamer)

Title: How to Install GameConfig for GTA 5 (GTA Gamer)

NOTE: In this video, Only GameConfig is installed. But it is recommended to Install all the three, GameConfig + PackFile Limit Adjuster + Heap Adjuster, Combined to make your GTA 5 game ready for modding and error-free.
here is the full video link:

In this Video, we will be looking at the process of Installing GameConfig file for GTA 5.

Sometimes you get errors in GTA 5 if,
you do a lot of mods,
install a lot of add-on cars,
spawn a lot of objects,
using many props at once,
or the game may start to show up errors due to random things.
**This GameConfig SOLVES most of the above problems.


Tutorial on how to Install OpenIV:

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GTA Vice City Main Theme Extended: (Link will be updated soon)


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  • Hey, can anyone help. I have a problem where some of my addonpeds work, while others just crash the game as soon as I apply them. What might be the problem? Also, menyoo have never worked for me, as soon as i install it into the game folder and then run gta, the game doesn't open. I open the task manager and see that it's suspended, why is that?

  • Is this gameconfig good? I’m using the actual that it comes with the gta v but should I install this gameconfig for modding?

  • bro you have told me to buy the game i have bought one.But there are no mods working in it not even menyoo.please reply.

  • it worked

  • i have 1.0.350.1 what should i do

  • Thank you ! Your videos are perfectly clear !

    If you know in how to modify the gameconfig.xml file after a patch it can be a really cool and helpfull video.
    I think people need to understand how works this crucial file (which lines to change etc…) so if you are able to explain tell us. I personally don't know how to modify it by myself.

  • What should i do if its out of game memory

  • English
    :Omggg its real work man thanks i will subscribe you thanks

    :Ini work cuk gw gk boong asli

  • my version ain't there

  • 👍🏼