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How to Install Genymotion with React Native | msbrandymorgan

How to install Genymotion for Android Development
ALL the tricks in one spot so you DON’T have to go on stackoverflow.
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:

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  • awesome, was searching for the connection and got it from this old video 🙂 … had to change custom ABD to one is mentioned in react native local.properties

  • It do not work for me. Can not find the emulator when I try to run react-native

  • great explanations …………….

  • Thanks ('+')

  • Very simple, thanks.

  • Tutorial was good but the voice even better. Marry me.

  • really appreciated.. ! i have already installed genymotion on my pc. bt still its not working… is there any path to set??
    plz let me know…..thank u

  • thanks~

  • I fell in love as soon as the video started😍 kkkk. It's a great tutorial congratulations.

  • We can do all things by downloading android sdk only if we use genymotion

  • Why Android studio?

  • Thanks
    off-topic – u should be a model not a programer

  • Nice and clean, but you could say about java SDK 🙂

  • where is the local.properties file? On your computer? In the repo ? in the Android Studio? Your not clear about 'go into your local.properties file' at 2:16

  • thank you so much

  • Installation is EXTREMELY HARD TO FOLLOW. To say the very least.

  • Thank u Brandy it was so useful !!! thank u ,thank u ,thank u ,thank u 🙂

  • thaaanks

  • Thanks, it works!

  • Thanks, it works!

  • Thanks a lot for this tutorial. Finally I configured it.

  • Hi Brandy, I checked your course on team tree house. It is awesome.

  • so beautiful <3

  • Can I used genymotion without android studio for react native???

  • just Subbed, thanks for liking my tweet on Twitter.

  • This may be a little off topic (but still relating to ReactNative), but when is your course gonna be finished? Just wondering.

  • thankk uuuu & we are waiting for more new tuto 😀