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How to Install Kali Linux 2016.2 Mate + VMware Tools on VMware Workstation/Player Tutorial [HD]

Easy video tutorial on how to install Kali Linux 2016.2 Mate Desktop on VMware Workstation/Player step by step. We’ll also install VMware Tools (Open VM Tools) on Kali 2016.2 Mate for better performance and usability. This tutorial also helps if you install Kali Linux 2016.2 Mate on physical computer or laptop.

What is Kali Linux?
Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution with collection of security and forensics tools. Kali Linux is designed for digital forensics and penetration testing. It features timely security updates, support for ARM architecture, choice of four popular desktop environments, and seamless upgrades to newer versions.
Kali Linux Website:

Kali Linux 2016.2 New Features
This release comes with additional desktop environments KDE, MATE, Xfce, LXDE, and e17. Kali developers have decided to release updated weekly builds of Kali Linux.

Hope you found it informative and useful. Any questions or comments are welcomed.

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How to Install Kali Linux 2016.2 Mate on VMware:
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  • You're a godsend.

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  • this is what i got after updating the linux,

    sudo apt-get install y linux-headers$(uname -r)
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    E: Unable to locate package linux-headers-4.6.0-kali1-amd64
    E: Couldn't find any package by glob 'linux-headers-4.6.0-kali1-amd64'
    E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'linux-headers-4.6.0-kali1-amd64'

    i tried to install the linux headers since without it i hv been told by vmware can't intall it's tools properly,
    please help

    my email. xrycious@gmail.com or u can also contact me on icq
    (uin) 704555350

  • Hello. there is something that I do not understand. I did the discharge of the dull version. But on having done the installation, the office is Gnome. I already did download of another version of kali linux 2016. 2 kde and on having done the installation, I salted my Gnome. Because?

  • nice video … thank you