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How to install Kali Linux Live on usb with persistence.! (Step by step)

Hope you guys enjoyed the video i tried my best to make it easy and understandable for you. Be sure to come back here and dont forget to like and subscribe to my channel!

What you need:
1. A USB drive with a minimum of 8GB of memory
2. A computer
3. kali Linux iso
4. universal USB installer
5. mini partition tool wizard


1___kali Linux iso download: ——-
2___partition tool wizard: ——
3___universal usb installer:—–

Nguồn: https://ftlinuxcourse.com

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  • I got end kernel panic – no syncing: no working init found

  • when I select the live amd 64 everything becomes text based

  • Thanks A lot… It worked

  • all your videos has helped me alott….ua explanation level is simplest than any other youtuber..thanks alot…m learning your kali linux…thanks sir Thanks a lot .i am great fan of urs.Being ua great fan I request to please help in this problem sir ,wen my Linux boots it doesn’t show icons of live and persistence on desktop though it’s there in the files and it’s not saving changes though I went through the process 4-5 times . The file presisitence.conf gets saved and any files saved in persistence remains saved but not with other folders like the desktop background ,user . YOUR ONE REPLY WILL MAKE MY DAY .I REQUEST YOU TO PLASE PLEASE HELP ME OUT

  • are you fucking stupid why would you take 2 minutes of the tutorial and make us install cmatrix

  • the persistence.conf is in the persistence partition but I can't save any folder on my desktop.please help!

  • I don't get the persistence icon

  • i did it like this, but it just dont work.

  • Would i get windows screen back if i shut down pc and remove pendrive otherwise tell me some other way .reply as fast as you can PLEASE

  • What are you using for your desktop to be like that?

  • Why don't you use persistence encrypted?

  • Love you sir g nice video you are osm and great 🤗😘🤔🤔😍😇😘😗😘

  • It doesn't work

  • Nope, it doesn't works.

  • Hey do you know link to kali linux 2018.4 (official site has newer version and is not good) thank you very much

  • You can please give the exact link of the Kali?

  • why you guys are using a different method 😂😂

  • it gives me the option to format in FAT32 or NTFS, the name of my drive includes "FAT32" does this mean i format there

  • which iso file there are too many file whichj is best

  • The fix is just install kali linux cuz its much more easier than dis thing

  • Guys please help.Do i really need to install mini tool participation?

  • the back door is not helping me

  • blinking cursor black screen after installation please help me

  • Muchas grasias buen video sigue asi !!!! Me sirvio mucho !!!

  • After the "echo" command on 6:30, I get the following error: "bash: mnt/usb/persistence.conf: No such file or directory".

  • In Debian Is this possible?

  • I can't create folders

  • What is your desktop your using?

  • KameyKamey

    Author Reply

    can i use for this Rufus i need rufus because rufus have gpt option i have new bios and without gpt i cant load usb

    edit: works working thanks you saved me and my school project

  • Dude I did the same step as yours but it is not working, every time I reboot files are erased. Persistence is not working

  • Now I successfully install but It don't show WiFi connection options now what can I do?

  • I can’t show the persistence icon on desktop plzz hepl me..

  • No 'persistence' folder on my desktop,
    After applying all commands problem remains same

  • It is working. Thanks 🙂

  • People suggest making partitions for var, usr, home, root, and shared swap files. It would be great to get the pros/cons of doing these partitions, and how to go about it.
    Like, if I wanted to use multiple distros on a live usb, but share applications and their dependencies across distros, how would we make that happen?

  • I have followed the same steps.
    but black window is appearing
    when i click on live persistence
    and it stays that way..
    Any solutions please share…

  • You have to pay for the wizard app

  • When I reboot my presistance icon reappears. What now?

  • What kind of linux at the beginning of the film?

  • Hi.. i get bash command not found after typing fdisk-l

  • Does anyone know why I get sdc2 instead of sdb2?

  • How can i make it so i can use part od the usb as normal?

  • U only have 2 videos but are beautiful

  • THANKS IT WORKS !But please when i enable alpha wifi usb it shutdown the network 8187 is my chipset of ALPHA AWUS036H..PLEASE HELP !

  • Pls wat is the password for live mode