Lập Trình Linux

How To Install Kali Linux On Android

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I am Installing Kali Linux on Androi Follow Me and I hope you Will be Succesful !
With This program You Also Can install other distributions of Linux.

(ROOT REQUIRED) !!!!!!!!!

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Lập Trình Linux
Thủ thuật Chia nhỏ file dung lượng lớn để dễ chia sẻ | THDT
Tiểu sử đồng chí Nguyễn Phú Trọng
Lập Trình Linux
Tạo phím tắt mở nhanh ứng dụng trên Kali – How to create custom shortcut on kali linux
  • This only works for rooted phones I guess

  • l it shows root access

  • Or you simply install UserLand..no root required

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  • My bad luck.. I'm using Oppo A57 and it's not rooted..

  • Root required

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  • Does the device need ROOT?

  • I no ur pass change

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  • It's different in 2020, any ideas guys???

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  • It need root ?

  • what filemanager are you using?

  • How much internet data it will take cause I get only 1GB of data per day

  • Bro your device rooted ha

  • ☠

    Author Reply

    "root required" bullshit

  • Need root?

  • How mb to need this apk installion?

  • Fke

  • hp kita harus diroot?

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  • ქართველიხარ ბიჭო??😁😁😁

  • I have root and linux instel pass put VNC said address not found

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  • How unninstall linux deploy in android phone??? Tell me bro plss

  • How unninstall linux deploy in android phone??? Tell me bro plss

  • Bro how to open a file from android storage and how to get internet on Kali and how to add wireless adapter in this??????