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How to install Kali Linux on Mac Computers (2017.3)

•This video shows you how to partition, create a boot drive and install Kali linux on Mac Computers.

Bootable Drive:

Kali Linux 2017.3:


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  • Thank You! This worked for me after trying other methods seen here on YouTube. No one else says to erase partition to free space before install. Also using the usb software you recommended was crucial too. I can’t thank you enough. Installed on early 2011 MBP High Sierra after trying for hours watching bad tutorial after bad tutorial.

  • Theres 69 in the link

  • Thank you! This is the only video that explained you have to erase the partition before installing kali. And the only one that worked. Your a legend mate.

  • It isn’t working .. 😕.. I’m using macOS Catalina

  • Does this require an internet connection ?

  • Do not install kali as a main os its ment to be run in virtual machines

  • Anyone have the link for the Macbook air 2015 "802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking; IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n compatible"? I installed as instructed and skipped the Network adapter portion. Assuming I could install it from a usb later………..

  • This erased my Mac completely and I had to reinstall macOS in recovery mode. DONT DO IT

  • Do you have any advice on how to install the speaker drivers for a macbook mid 2010 after installing kali linux?

  • Thank you

  • There is DHCP network issue when I boot

  • I Ariel, when i click to EFI BOOT, not work. Its benn start OSX, why ? Im on Mac OS X Mojave – mac mini thanks can you send a e-mail im from paris

  • kebinkebin

    Author Reply

    Nice bro thanks a lot!

  • Only the Wi-Fi is missing, how to activate Wi-Fi on Macbook Air 11, but everything is excellent

  • Hola amigo, podras hacer un tuto con las imagenes mas claras? no se distinguen los pasos a la hora de seleccionar la particion y ahi me pierdo y no puedo continuar con la instalacion y este video es el mas completo que he encontrado para instalar kali linux en una mac, mi sistema es Mojave 10.14 es posible intalar el sofware en mi maquina? Agradeceria cualquier info que me ayude a instalar kali linux en mi macbook pro

  • Can we do it without usb drive?

  • Finally it’s installed

  • MR XMR X

    Author Reply

    macOS its already Linux,if u have macbook DO NOT INSTALL OTHER LINUX EVER,u can install metasploit-framework,sqlmap,etc.. on your macOS

  • kali linux terbaru 2019

  • I failed to install grub. give me yes

  • Do I need to install the kali linux on a external device?

  • How should I login back to my Mac OS …..?

  • After i clicked manual i cant finde my partion …

  • How to bring network interface and monitor mode after the installation!!!?
    ((Want to use internal wifi adapter?))

  • how to boot kali form my sd card? is it posible to make sd as internal memory and to make from it portitions?

  • I need help pls ,how can i turn to OS X

  • You rule

  • cant mount cdrom
    i am using a cd
    i am ther only one with tis problem

  • Will this work with a MacBook Pro (not Touch Bar) 2018? It will have problems with the keyboard or the NIC?

  • mujimuji

    Author Reply

    please help…
    when I install, doesen't work mouth and keyboard
    (use Macbook pro 2017)

  • what can i do grub boot loader isnt installed

  • How long is your password???!!!

  • i try install on my new macbook 2016. in step select language, my tocuhpad and keyboard can not use. i can not navigate anything… whats wrong?

  • After restart im able to choose between OS X and Kali. But im not able to choose the language , because my laptop gets frozen and I can't do anything after that. whats the problem?

  • what is the User experience difference to have Linux on a USB, on dual boot and to totally clean your OSX and run only Linux on your mac?

  • +Ariel Tech Kali Linux doesn't recognize Macbook (Air, Pro) hardware. It doesn't have any drivers to work with it. The method of instalation is right, but you can't use Kali on a Macbook. I recomend to tray the modo live before you make any part of the process of instalation.

  • I ended up with antergos linux, and osx are gone from my hdd! but a problem with webcam and wireless network, it want work. but I can live with that. but if anybody have a solution, I would appreciate it greately