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How to install VMware Tools in Kali Linux 2019

VMware Tools in a Kali Guest
Installing VMware Tools on Kali Linux 2019 | Complete Installation Step-By-Step

If you managed to install Kali Linux inside of VMware Player, a free virtual machine management program.

Then u should now install VMware Tools cause it comes with some nice additions to Kali Linux, it allows you to stretch the windows freely, copy files from the host OS to the guest (Kali) and from the guest to the host.

But in order for these features to work, you have to install VMware Tools.

This can sometimes be a hard project for beginners.

This video tutorial, I am gonna show you How to install VMware Tools (Open VM Tools) on Kali Linux 2019
for better performance and usability features such as Fit Guest Now, Drag-Drop File and Clipboard Sharing etc.

the first step that you should do before trying to install any software its update & upgrade
To do so here’s the commend you need

sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade –y

In the VM Menu of the VMware Workstation, Click Install VMware Tools.
This will mount a virtual CD-ROM drive containing the VMware Tools installation files

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  • Thanx Man

  • Cannot find header

  • At the end of installation I am getting the error 'setup unable to find the "ifconfig" program on your machine' . Please help me to resolve.

  • Working perfect 100% Working

  • good its working

  • Sir when I try to extract the zip file on Kali desktop by using right click it is showing "NOT ENOUGH SPACE TO EXTRACT". Please help me with this I have a 4GB of ram and I customized 30 GB of space for VMware files. Hope you give me reply!

  • Working as on 20/09/2019. Thank u bro

  • thank you 👍❤️🙌

  • Thanks bro

  • OMG i've been trying to install the stupid VMware for hours! (im new to virtual machine and stuff.. watched it from IRS prank video and im eager to check what its all about lol)

    again thank you bro! you are a life safer! you definitely deserves more subs!

  • Will these enable copy/paste between host and guest os?

  • Thanks a lot

  • EXCELLENT!!!!!!

  • Thank you
    because of you I finally was able to install the Vmware tools