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How to install XAMPP on Ubuntu 16.04 / Ubuntu 18.04 (Linux)

In this post we will see How to install Apache XAMPP server in Ubuntu 16.04. XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB (or MySql), PHP, and Perl.
Open the link in your favorite browser and download the latest version of LAMPP software that you want for Ubuntu Linux.
And Follow the instructions.

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  • Find all commands Here

  • Love you man!

  • Nicely explained!

  • for apache some will have the problem that the server won't start just open configure and change the port number from "80" to "8080" and same goes for MySQL change it from "3306" to "3360" or any other port

  • Thanks a lot! After hours of searching, I found this which is one solution that actually worked for me. Now, are there any alternative editors for gedit? I couldn't launch sublime, code, or brackets from /opt/lampp

  • goodbye windows 7

  • It is really a good tutorial!!!

  • Hello i have a question. A lot of times I'm not at my computer when i need to be to restart or shutdown xampp the apache and mysql but i do have ssh. How can i start the services or stop them in ssh?

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  • Excellent Tutorial. Precise, to the point and understandable also for Linux-Ubuntu beginners. Congratulations for a well done job.

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  • after i download and evrything is done, mysql and apache cannot start…can you help me

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  • MySQL Database is 'Stopped' it is not running even after several tries. Help!!!

  • I have installed but wordpress can't create files & folders please help

  • Thanks this is helpfull

  • super merci pour la vidéo 🙂

  • Your burning the midnite oil.

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  • Thank you for the clear, visual explanation! There are plenty of folks showing how it's done in Windows and Mac but I needed help in Linux. Your instructions worked perfectly.

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  • MySQL database is failing to start.
    How to fix this problem?

  • how to add xampp icon in menubar

  • Can some one help me MYSQL server dosnt wants to start

  • Its around 1 mb file so its gonna take a while…

  • Great video – very clear instructions. Thank you so much!!

  • Very Good!

  • Sir, are you from india?

  • Thank you this works

  • Hi thanks for the video. I am new to Linux. With Windows manipulating files and adding shortcuts is so easy. It is such a pain with Linux in comparison. How do you add a shortcut of the xampp to the applications page or desktop so I can click and open xampp? Thanks

  • Oh my god! Thank you! Nice Video

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  • "xampp cant execute browser input/output error" how to fix this ?

  • my mysqldatabase showing stopped what would be the reason sir ?

  • I don't know if this will help anybody but I could not get those commands to work on my Peppermint Linux, so here's what I did. I went to the download folder and right clicked inside and there is an option "open as root" and after putting in the root password, it will show the same folder that shows "Elevated Privileges". From here you can right click the file and go to properties > permissions and make sure the access is read and write and tick the option that says, Allow executing file as program. From there you can double click the file to install it. Worked great for me and no issues.

  • Thank you very much, mate

  • Very helpful tutorial for beginners…. Very nicely explained all the command which helped me a lot. Thank You.

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    Dude, you're just awesome, I feel like one comment wasn't enough to convey how much grateful I feel for this video, you answered all the questions I had

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    Thank you so much, you saved my fucking life

  • the servers doesn't start, what to do?