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How to Set Up Live Wallpapers (Komorebi) in Linux (Almost All Distros)

In this video, I will show you how to set up live wallpapers using Komorebi in almost any Linux Distro out there.

The website mentioned in this video:

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  • 'Best Live Wallpapers for Linux' series will be started very soon.

  • how can i run in Ubuntu 19?

  • Thank you so much! Because of this tutorial, I'm able to set the sponge bob anime as my main wallpaper but I had to mute the audio in the file (I used kdenlive for this). I also had a issue where the wallpaper creator didn't give me a sudo command… I resolved that by downloading a different version of Komorebi from this GitHub site: https://github.com/cheesecakeufo/komorebi/releases

    This video was the single best tutorial (I've seen) on Linux video wallpapers I've seen.

  • Anybody know how to Make komorebi into permanent walpaper without start it again after shutdown ?

  • Looks easy…..isn't. Sudo command was missing with comments about copying and pasting video to this software's resources folder which proved problematic.

  • where did you get that video wallpaper from? Can you provide the link please?

  • edit: usr/share/komorebi is now located in System/Resources/Komorebi but even after renaming and config changes it doesn't show up in the application.

  • Is there a spot where Komorebi users share wallpapers? I hear extremely mixed reports about DesktopHut being malicious.

  • Very useful! thanks