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How to Use Morph Transition in PowerPoint

In this video tutorial, I will show you How to Use the Morph Transition in PowerPoint 2016. You can create engaging presentations by using Animations and transitions available in PowerPoint.

The new Morph transition was introduced in PPT in 2016. It looks like an animation, but it’s in fact a transition. In this video, you will see different examples of the Morph transition that I’ve used. And towards the end of the video, you will learn the basics of how to use the Morph transitions.

For example, you can use this new transition to create pan and zoom effects, as well as the Prezi effect. The Morph transition can be applied to objects on the slide as well as letters and words to create smooth animations. You can check the link below for more PowerPoint tutorials on my YouTube channel.

– In order to learn how to use these PowerPoint Animations, check my PPT tutorials at:

– How to Morph Text in PowerPoint 2016:

– How to Create Prezi Effect in PowerPoint 2016:

– Morph Transition Example 3-4-5:

– If you don’t yet have PowerPoint 2016, you can purchase MS Office 365 at Amazon:

– How to Get Office 365 for Free:

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  • nice one click #MorphTransition

  • Thanks Buddy, Its really helpful

  • i have office 2016 but there is no morph option available.
    Is there any alternative for morph???

  • Very nice

  • Hi, I hv powerpoint 2019 can it also work on it? (I do hv morph effect btw)

  • I don't have morph transition…

  • Hi Anthony, I am Using Use Morph Transition in "PowerPoint 2016 Home and student Version", but there is no option of Morph transition, How can I use it or if there is an option of download or update something, can you please help me out.

  • Good video. I have mixed results, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I really want to morph two shapes. To illustrate what happens when wood gets wet and swells to deform objects. It seems I cannot do that .

  • Morph transition isnt available in office 2016..

  • what an amazing skill. How can you do that? Can you show me your animation or Transition to create example 1 and 2?

  • Anthony, DO you have an example of a Morph between two slides? I have a common object between the slides and want to apply a morph transition between the two. Thanks

  • How you did the Example #2 ?

  • CaviCavi

    Author Reply

    My powerpoint doesn't have morph, uh..

  • Hello, amazing video!

    How did you convert your PPT into this beautiful video? When I use the Powerpoint feature or OBS software to export my PPT into a video all my Morph transitions look really choppy and not smooth at all, even with 60 Frame Per Second parameter.

    Thanks a lot!

  • My morph option is blacked out… I can't even use it

  • The morph transition was removed by Microsoft. but it was later re-added? since i have a 2016 professional plus

  • Thanks! I'm going to try it. Very cool.

  • Please, i need a ppt file for example #2

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  • Can you share info on how to create the example #2??

  • Wow really great one Bhai …Thanx

  • this video is just too good

  • Hi, i have Office 2016 and Morph doesn't appear. Do you have office 365? The motherf tells me not valid mail

  • Sorry, morph transition is not available in ppt 2016

  • Excellent tutorial Anthony. Example number 3. I can see everyone going for that.
    Would be a good application to use this for a trailer for YouTubers. Quick and to the point.
    Do you know if the free online version of PowerPoint has this function?

  • Best…….

  • it's very useful. thank you

  • Hi! can I have the ppt template for Example 4 & Example 5, really liked it

  • Hi do you have a ink for a free downoad of Office 365 Home?

  • Hi! Anthony I'm trying Example 3 and it's not working.. Can you please give a link for the third powerpoint file which works with abc?

  • does anyone know why my office 2016 powerpoint does nothave the morph feature/option in the Transition tab ?

  • Hi,
    I have PowerPoint 2016 but can't find the morph transition. Does it require a certain activation code for it or something like that??

  • Thank you! I wish all the videos online were this clear and helpful.

  • hi Anthony,
    fantastic video, thanks for taking the time!
    quick question – how will a computer with an older version power point, for example 2007, see the morph slides?

  • Wow – fantastic, this is what I need to create some of my videos – this is truly the shortcut I have needed

  • Hi,
    Will that morph transition available in PowerPoint older version like 2010 or 2013?
    In my university, I have to use the pre set computer in which the 2016 is not available.

  • BethBeth

    Author Reply

    Hi Anthony I was wondering how you did the animation with the team building picture. The circle drifts over the images. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I have Office 2016 Pro Plus, Why I can't use Morph any more? That trans where removed? What happened whit that?

    The Morph trans is gone from my office, you know how can I install the translate manually?