How To Use Zoom (plus Breakout Groups) — Favorite Video Conferencing Platform

Zoom is my favorite video conferencing tool, and I use it many times a week. I get asked by clients all the time to teach them how to use it. Here’s a tutorial! Below …


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  • What if you want to show just the speakers, when there are other participants?

    1. Set up your zoom meeting to have participants' video "off" by default.

    2. Have your speakers join your meeting a few minutes in advance so you can have them show their video.

    3. Once people start coming on, click the "hide non-video participants" button. See how to do that on this page: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362323-How-Do-I-Change-The-Video-Layout-

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  • How do you know if someone is looking at you on zoom?

  • Great job George. I learnt a lot. Thanks

  • Excellent video. Thanks!

  • When I use the breakout rooms, can students still see the screen I had been sharing with them?

  • Really irritating how you jump around all over the place. Plan your tutorials better please.

  • Can you direct me where to find the spotlight feature?

  • I'm a new user to Zoom. I was genuinely pleased with this tutorial. It appeared to be well planned and well orchestrated. Very informative and comprehensive. As a result I am now a new subscriber. Keep up the good work.

  • Can you unmute everyone so everyone can talk at will? So having a meeting where everyone can take a turn chatting and conversing verbally instead of using the type chat?

  • Is it possible to highlight two speakers at the same time….so both their screens are larger than the other members. Thanks so much. Great video!!!!

  • I shared your video with my colleagues
    , Fidm (the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) DTLA instructors.,

  • Question – I assume the participants can all see each other. How can I set it so they can only see me? Thanks.

  • How can I use a video? If I want to start a meeting and then go to a video for teaching and then go back to them and finish the class. Can I stop the video and converse with them to explain and then go back to the video?

  • Excellent explanation, thanks a lot!

  • Can anyone please tell me if there is a functionality to allow people in breakout groups to move between different breakout groups without the admin assigning them a new breakout group?

  • theory : zoom released corona virus to boost their profits.

  • Great video! You answered all my questions about zoom meetings!! Thank you!

  • This was fantastic. Thank you for all you effort here

  • Best video, thank you!

  • is it possible to schdule meetings to run simultaneously?

  • This is helpful tip. I'm not gonna copy that number. 😅