Lập Trình Linux

I Failed the LPI Linux Essentials Exam** & Cyber Security Month

I failed the LPI Linux Essentials Practice Exam

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Lập Trình Linux
How to Install Kali Linux 2020.1 on VMware Workstation 15.5 in Windows 10 | SYSNETTECH Solutions
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  • 38:50 So you're saying that if I gave you $2 million dollars to sell a subpar toilet paper you wouldn't talk about it? Yea ok 😂

  • Sam HSam H

    Author Reply

    I did my LPI and used LA. The course is good to introduce you to it, but you have to, HAVE TO put it all into practice. Labs, labs , labs. Hope you do well next time

  • Don't waste your money and time on LPI. It is no where near as respected as RHCE. Just get the RHCSA and work towards the RHCE. The content for LPI and Linux+ is ridiculously dated. I looked at a colleagues book last year and saw stuff on Kermit and parallel ports. Supporting Linux as a desktop is actually ..stupid. It's never going to be needed. Learn how to manage a LAMP/MEAN stack, because that is what people actually get paid to do. Learn vim or emacs like a it's second nature. Master BASH and system tools. Then learn a HLL that takes off where BASH can't do the job, because KISS is still relevant. Finally, dig deep. Try reading a low level book like "The Linux Programming Interface", "Linux Device Drivers" or "Linux Kernel Development". You will have to learn C, but the K&R book is like 200 pages and dirt cheap. By this time, C should have lots of features and functions in the std libs that look very familiar to user level tools that you have been using.

  • I believe that is 67 questions correct.

  • I as well as many others appreciate you and your honesty. This is so important to all of us who fall short and just quit. These is a clean example to keep pushing. Thank you,

  • ThAt sounds hard

  • I’m not taking anything until I totally understand anything

  • Study harder at least it’s only practice

  • Hi I have a question I like to ask. I work for my City in the city hall and I want to get into the I.T. career. What should I learn to get into help desk? I take online courses on udemy.com.

  • what is the Microsoft Technology Associate: Security Fundamentals certification MTA is this like comptia A+

  • I cant wait to start linux , great video

  • leoleo

    Author Reply

    Don’t feel bad when you fail man I mean you don’t learn anything from passing and now you know what you don’t know

  • leoleo

    Author Reply

    Linux for the win! I feel like I learned a lot from installing arch I really recommend it for new people getting into Linux

  • Great advice! Labbing things up has helped me as well. Had an active directory environment running in VMWare, and experienced my first rogue DHCP server! Took me a while catch it but I did in the end. Once I resolved that issue, my client machines started receiving the correct DHCP licenses from my Domain Controllers.

  • Hey I purchased VMware for the MacBook Pro. I mainly use my Windows PC I built for virtual machines. Where can I find operating systems I can use to build my own workstations? I really don’t want to invest $400+ in Windows 2012 R2 Server. Can you help me out? I’m a fledgling IT student but no longer have access to my old VMs due to licensing. Thank you, I appreciate your time.