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Install Kali Linux 2019.3 in Dual Boot with Windows 10 on a Laptop – EASY Step-by-Step Tutorial!

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Lập Trình Linux
💜Kali-Linux🐘Empire👻Ghost💣FUD💡? Windows 10🔥[2019]🔥✅
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  • for Acer and uefi, you have to set the file in the bios or you wont get grub.

  • Dont name or allocate your partitioned space , as you cant see it as a free space while installing linux.
    Keep it unallocated . 🙂

  • thanks for this video this helps alert

  • we can access all laptop device which we are not able in virtual box?

  • brilliant…this helped a lot

  • thanks you

  • I nead helo,when i installed kali linux i think i pressed wrong button when i was on UEFI installation.
    And now i cant boot to w10
    When i go to boot menu i have internal HDD,but when i click it it shows me INVALID PARTITION TABLE
    Can anybody help me

  • Can we use etcher instead of rufus

  • What the swap partition is used for ?

  • I'm stuck at select and install software. It says 1day and so on remaining. My net speed is 20Mbps. What is the problem?

  • I'm stuck at select and install software. It says 1day and so on remaining. My net speed is 20Mbps. What is the problem?

  • You forgot to show the step where you have to ldlinux.lys ldlinux.bss on Rufus besides that flawless.

  • Hi It don’t work with me when I restart it

  • Thank you very much 🙏🏻 it worked for me

  • My trackpad failed during installation

  • That strong german accent 😂

    Gutes Video, mach ich gleich ma.

  • I don’t find windows in grub boot menu please can u help me

  • Thanks, it works.

  • I followed all your steps done kali linux installation but after restarting only windows is showing..plz help

  • Plz help me my laptop doesnot show the free space how to fix that.

  • Is kali linux is harm our device

  • perfect … like and share … love this amazing work

  • Can u choose other drives for shrinking .?any other drive than c drive

  • Kali linux asks me an iSCSI target what shall I enter?

  • Help me i have problem during installation (partitioning)….. please help me Fast..
    It is telling me the partitioned space is not usable…pls help me..

  • Can 2gb work for shrink

  • I installed it and when it finished i did not find linux in operating systems ! Help me pls

  • I'm getting…error…no ethernet card was detected

  • how come you didn’t get to the point where it asks to “select and install software” which takes about an hour to complete

  • Nothing pops up for at Configure the network part