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Install Linux OS on Android Phone.![Without Root][Control Everything with Linux Terminal]

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Hey Guys..Myself Swapnil Srivastava…Today I gonna show you that How can You Install Linux Based Operating System on Your Android Phone Without Having Root Access on Your Phone…!!!! Its a Very Useful Method you will only need to download an App of 8 mb in size…and Boom You will have Linux OS on Your Android Phone…I hope you like this…guys…Hack Everything by Using Linux Terminal..[[Run Linux’s Software like Eclipse or Adobe Photoshop on Android Phone..]].This method felt me Amazed and I Hope You will too…
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Lập Trình Linux
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  • Can I switch between the Linux and Android after the installation ? If yes how can i ?

  • Kyu bewakuf banate ho

  • bro having a error while running vs code
    arm64 dosnt match to amd64 arcch

  • make a video about how to access internet in kali linux android plz in my device it seeing outpu/input error

  • Yeah I don't want an app running over android I want it rather than android lol

  • what is the name this song intro,who knew?

  • how much meth did you do before making this????

  • What is the use?

  • Bhai mere mobile mein nahi chal raha hai

  • Wh3n i clicked on linux , it is showing connect failed ( e connection refused ) even though i had a internet connection.

  • Can you slow down your language I cannot understand what you're saying

  • This application not working

  • Ek video phir se problm solve par bana fo

  • Bhai nahi ho rha hai..

  • Error ho rhi hai

  • I can install linux apps on Android linux?

  • It is not working in so many mobiles

  • All things in tube are fake

  • Koi solution do

  • Vnc server failed aa raha hain bhai

  • Easy peasy

  • Bhai tumlog full video ku nahi upload karte ho isme basic ha hi nahi

  • is is possible to install kali as primary os not with virtual machine ?

  • noyfbnoyfb

    Author Reply

    Fuck it I give up. You talk to fast, I can't understand you properly.

  • Its not gnome its mate based

  • Bhai………,
    Mene aap kaa ek bhi video nhi dekha.
    Fir bhi me aap kaa fan ban gaya hu.
    Pata nhi.
    Pata nhi ye feck hai ya nhi o tu dekha dar hi malum padega is liye mene aap ke saare video download kar liya hai. Bhai
    Agar ye saare video feck bhi hu tu bhi me aap ka fan rahuga.

  • How many f***k did this guy say now you can see? Got dam… thanks for sharing man I just wish you didn’t speak so fast because it’s a bit hard to follow you and I’m not trying to sound mean, I come from a family of immigrants so I know the struggle I myself speak Spanish and not as clear and articulate as in English so I get it’s tough maybe you were nervous idk… that was a cool vid tho

  • For the ones with error connecting: There are more versions of this apk in the site, try another one. In the other hand, some android versions needs to save android software first, as android 4.+.+, etc. and then reinstall.


    Author Reply

    Connection failed error

  • Sir it shows vnc server fail

  • VNC why i am not cant play linux BECAUSE VNC

  • Its great only for show off purposes. You gain none of full root acces. So that means no serieus hacking here guys.

  • For those who are having problems connecting your phone to the vnc… You might need root for this. just do it and try again.

  • "[For Hackers]"
    Or [For Script Kiddies] 🙂 ?

  • not wark he ned vnc servis what is this