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Installing Microsoft Office on Linux

Quick and dirty guide to installing Microsoft Office on Linux. this is something that i do quite often but also often forget the steps. So posting this up here for my own sake. Thanks for the view!

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  • hi, thanks for your tutorial, I was wandering is there any way to install AutoCAD on linux ?

  • XyxoxXyxox

    Author Reply

    I prefer Libreoffice on any platform.

  • I just uninstalled Microsoft office from Windows in favour of WPS office.

  • The reason why nobody cares about linux is it's so un-intuitive. Why should a end user need to learn so many commands to install an app. Linux will never be able to replace windows even in next 50 years. only nerds and server admins will use it.

  • Microsoft access?

  • Why not install latest libre office. It is running super fast.

  • Rhino v5 or v6. Altium Designer.

  • Can you stream while it's installing? Also how is printing from office or installing Ubuntu drivers for HP printers work?

  • Illustrator cc2019

  • How would you activate it? Like windows patch or cmd activations wouldn't work on linux i presume.

  • FINALLY I GOT IT WORKING~!!! THANKS MAN! (Damn i keep extracting the ISO. I should have mount it in the very beginning!

  • Would the same approach work for Visio?

  • where can I find the ISO file?

  • How to install microsoft office in ubuntedde

  • Why on earth would you do that? It's like putting a Pontiac drive train in a Ferrari. USE LIBRE OFFICE! It's 100 times better.

  • please now fix that and make a video on how to uninstall it.

  • why one would ever do such a thing?

  • Please install Autocad 2020..please….ʘ‿ʘ

  • What

  • Oops I made a mistake, I tried to install x64. It installed, but would not register. That was Microsoft 365 too.

  • Has anyone got PowerBI working?

  • This works on Chromebook?

  • Please reply can u install auto CAD in linux?

  • I tried the exact same thing on ubuntu 20.04 LTS today and even Office was installed but it hanged big time…so purged it….then installed Office 2010 with playonlinux its working fine

  • Could you try to install the Elgato Capture software?
    I bought an HD60S from Elgato a while ago but I can't even use it :v

  • gotta crack it anyways…

  • The mainly problem is: The updates.

  • Can i use activator on wine??

  • I can't find the ISO that i downloaded please help

  • Great! Now how do I use KMS_VL_ALL with this?

  • Thankyou for this Video about installing Microsoft Office. Please Show us How to install Software's Like iTunes, BITDEFENDER ANTIVIRUS into Ubuntu 20.04LTS..

  • try and extractor truck books exe and installing it on Linux?

  • Plz try adobe suit, photoshop and illustrator and friends

  • adobe CC please !!!

  • how about ms 2016, can it run well as ms 2013 with using wine?

  • Why the H3LL would I want to do that?! Is it open source? Until it is, no thank you.

  • Solidworks and autocad please….

  • i have a problem : winbind cannot be downloaded " Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages" how can i manage this please ?

  • For those having issue not getting the Activate Office window to load. You can activate it in Add/Remove Programs. In the Terminal, run WINEPREFIX=~/.wine/office2013 WINEARCH=32 wine control. It should open Control Panel. Go to Add/Remove Programs and then select Microsoft Office. Click on Modify. Choose “Enter a Product Key”. Enter your license key and click continue. When you open office apps, it should now say activated.

  • Office 2013, like in the good old days

  • someone stop this man he is too powerful

  • its really scary if i mess it up :<