Lập Trình Linux

Installing Programs in Linux | Windows to Linux

In this video, I go over installing programs in Linux when switching from Windows to Linux. I am going over Software Store, Terminal Installs, and Compiling programs.

1. Software store GUI
2. Terminal apt install
3. Compiling from GitHub

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Lập Trình Linux
breaking Ubuntu/Bash on win10
Lập Trình Linux
Android on Ubuntu: fix /dev/kvm permission denied.
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  • Check out the full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc7fktTRMBoz7n-ugZm2Ndi0np_Y4Hh1k
    Using Synaptic Package Manager: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OP7h0nG1fGg&list=PLc7fktTRMBow7EZC5usWsVo7Hz9B9oHOi

  • i wish i could have seen this 15 years ago

  • Bro, I've learned so much from your videos and I've been using linux for 10 years.

  • The convoluted program install is really holding me back, they've had decades to make this work normally, it seems perverse to keep it so complicated, frustrating, and circuitous.

  • Thankyou saved me looking for different options

  • PabloPablo

    Author Reply

    How to remove Windows 10 OS completely & install My Favorite Distro? I have been troubleshooting with that Windows 10 Home Edition. Please Could you help me with a few steps How To? Thanks

  • Unless a crisis arises I just use plain ol synaptic

  • Who else fell in love with Windows after trying out Linux?

  • You should take the time to explain repositories and modifying the source files

  • I wish Linux installed apps the same way as Macos… just drag and drop an icon to the app folder… its just soo easy.

  • Enjoying your videos. I'm thinking about transferring over from Windows 7 to Linx.

    I see you are typing in commands in order to run programs.

    How do you know what commands you need to type in order to make a program run beforehand?

    Seems about like CMD in Windows, where you have to write commands to run something.

  • I now have my daily driver configured and all my essential programs installed! I'm 64 years old! If I can do this simply following Chis, YOU CAN DO THIS! I have been set free from 30 years of Microsoft slavery!

  • Imho, one of the big issue people run into on linux when using package managers is that if you search for the name of an app, you often find yourself with a shitload of results all having the searched text in their names and none exactly corresponding to what you are looking for, plus the descriptions are often confusing and not helping at all or, even worse, you find yourself with multiple versions of the same exact thing. In these cases the luxury of choice is more often perceived as hell which is why i don't completely agree with you on the "store" point of view, if only there was one that really came with the guaranty that if you install an app from it, you are actually not running into any issues whatsoever. Until today, my preferred way unfortunately still is the command line but i really wish for some simplistic store like gui that is just working.

  • These videos are so amazing. After I get my new laptop I want to install and set it up. Once I'm done and comfortable with everything and being able to do normal tasks (office work, file manage, browse the web, make changes in the OS comfortably, troubleshoot quickly, etc) I would like to make a webpage that uses your videos (with credit to you) to quickly index information to help transition because this is really powerful stuff. I could help so many people as the dangers of microsoft are REALLY mounting up. I was in best buy and someone was upset with the price of office and I showed them Libre and Open Office. Now I know you don't like them too much but for the average person who is not using the advanced features of office they were absolutely thrilled. However a microsoft rep was there and he absolutely tore my ass a new one in the store. So it's my mission from here on out to make sure that everyone knows they can get an office package that's almost as good and IS as good for standard users FOR FREE. I can't stand people who are like that so I really want to spread the word and hit their pocket book and these videos are just the thing. Plus so many people are in danger with how bad windows security is.

  • Thank you

  • I just feel like liking the video a million times

  • i just want to load a noise cancellation mic on my linux he goes to fast

  • I would be eternally grateful if someone here could tell me, step-by-step, how to associate photo extensions (jpeg/gif/png, etc) with Irfanview on Mint!? Irfanview (under WINE) runs fine, I have it's icon/launcher on the desktop, but in no way can I make it the default. I have to: open IV>file>open, or, drag a photo from the desktop into the IV window. That means that any photo I want to work with has to be placed or copied to the desktop.

    I simply cannot get it to show up in "default programs" & I've tried everything my tiny brain can to make this happen. I want to double-click ANY photo and have it open with Irfanview. Why is this such a terrifically difficult thing to do? 😛

  • App image is like a portable program in Windows or do u have to do that every time you launch the program?

  • You should try Divinci Reslove

  • You forget the 5th, building from source 😉

  • he kinda look like sunny deol

  • @5:50
    "sudo apt install steam-installer"

    From where can a new Linux user (like me) find the name of the last argument (steam-installer)?

    I understand the purpose of "sudo" and "apt" and "install" and even "steam-installer" (it is the name of the package). But how did you know that that is the name of the package?
    Where do you look that up?

    Thank you.

  • NickNick

    Author Reply

    Such good content ! windows admin and i think i wanna be a linux admin now lol ! thanks

  • Thank you! Yes, it helped now.

  • I prefer to use Discover to get applications. However, as you stated, you can run into issues. Sometimes it'll tell you what is wrong. Sometimes it doesn't. When it tells me what is wrong, I can generally fix it. When it doesn't, I'll find the package name and use the terminal. That'll tell me what is wrong 99% of the time.

    That's just me.

  • IoIo

    Author Reply

    This is a very helpful series, as I am presently going to install some distribution of Linux onto my Dad's old Celeron laptop (Windows Vista is on it currently, and it runs about as fast as a dead cart horse).

    I am currently using the Live USB feature to test out different distros. I tried out Kubuntu on my own machine just to get a feel for it (I haven't used Linux since my Raspberry Pi Model B, which was my first computer), and I kinda liked it, but I probably should have looked at more tutorial videos first.

    I then tried Lubuntu on his machine; 0/10, cannot recommend. Looks like an 18 day-old cowpat, and has about the same level of features. The WiFi doesn't even scan for networks!

    I will test out Linux Mint MATE tomorrow, but I might give Kubuntu a run on his machine too, since I have seen this sort of setup tutorial (even though nominally this is a tutorial only for installing apps).

    Thank you Chris, and may God bless you!

  • mkdir build && cd build/

    make install clean

  • Muon is especially KDE based .. About package managers, well have a look at MX package installer, is not like the other GUI packager managers but very similar to Muon, and my opinion one of the best out there …
    OK, it's only my opinion, but you are not very objective too in your videos, f.i. this while recommending Muon which is a KDE based app 😉

  • How about a video on finding and fixing broken packages.

  • Chris. I'm Mint 17.1. Am reinstalling fresh to an SSD +HDD. Your best partitioning, with 250GB SSD/600GB 10k HDD ?